Top Echelon Network ‘Success Stories’: Kenny Frey

So . . . just how can you be successful as a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network?  What are the keys?  How do you do it?  In this ongoing series in The Pinnacle, we’re going to interview some of the Top Producers in the Network and ask them what they’ve done to achieve success in Top Echelon.

Network of RecruitersRecruiter: Kenny Frey

Agency: The Frey Consulting Group

Accomplishments within the Network:

Frey is currently ranked #16 in Top Echelon Network in terms of production.  All but one of the placements that he’s made since joining the Network on March 18, 2009, have been split placements.  (To view a complete list of the top-producing recruiters in Top Echelon Network, please visit the Members’ Area.)

Kenny’s Key to Success: Relying on His Split Partners

Frey was a Preferred Member recruiter of Top Echelon Network as part of another firm before he joined the Network with his own firm last March.  Since re-joining with The Frey Consulting Group, he’s enjoyed a fair amount of success, making six placements overall and five split placements during the past 14 months.

According to Frey, the timing couldn’t have been better, for a number of reasons.  For one, the economy was still in the deepest part of this most recent recession.  For another, a client with which he has a very good relationship gave him a search assignment that was decidedly not in his area of specialization.

“They asked me to do a search for four design engineers, and that’s not in my area at all,” said Frey, who works in Accounting & Finance, Managed Care, and Insurance.  “But I told them that I would work the opportunity, partly because of my Membership in Top Echelon Network.  I had to have the resume in play within 14 days.”

Frey posted the job in the Network database, and he received a number of quality resumes from other Preferred Members.  He eventually filled all four of the positions. Two of those four were splits with Ray Fehrenbach, CPC of Southern Recruiters, while the other two were with Bill Quackenbush of QCI Technical Staffing, Inc. and David Wick, CPC of Career Center of Cincinnati, Inc.

“Five of my six placements have come about simply by posting a job order in disciplines that I didn’t work, and my Trading Partners reached out and presented me with candidates,” said Frey.

Frey commended the recruiters who have helped him fill his client’s job orders.

“They were all highly professional,” he said.  “They assisted when I needed assistance, and they checked the references very quickly.  I was able to make a nice presentation. I was truly, truly blessed.  They were spot-on with the need.  They had a great RDS; it was complete and solid and didn’t require any additional information.”

Frey has two pieces of advice for new Members or for those who are looking to experience success within the Network.

“First, don’t be afraid to post your job orders to the Network and rely on your peers,” said Frey.  “They’re strong professionals, and they’ll only make you look better and more competitive in your business than if you were standing alone.

“Second, take the time to honor your business and your Trading Partners by creating a complete job order and be responsive to Trading Partners who call you about that opportunity.  Treat them like you would treat one of your clients.”

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