Top Echelon Network Policy Change: Policy #2

This week in The Pinnacle, we’re addressing changes made to Policy 2a and Policy 2c. We first explain the revisions and why they were made, and we will show deletions are red strikethrough and additions are bolded blue text.

We recently reviewed the Top Echelon Network Policies and made revisions to a few Policies to bring them more in line with new features in the software, technology, and the evolution of recruiting industry in general. During the next four weeks, we will share the Policies we changed and why in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

If you have any questions about the following changes, please contact me. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

The following updates were made to Policy #2a: Sourcing Off Top Echelon Network Candidates

  1. We removed the Extenuating Circumstances paragraph from the Policy, because it is a redundant statement. The issue is handled in the opening statement and in the Spirit of the Policy section.
  2. The first sentence of the Spirit of the Policy has changed to “Top Echelon Network prohibits sourcing . . .” from “Top Echelon Network does not encourage sourcing . . .” because such an action has never been tolerated in Top Echelon Network and felt stronger language was appropriate.
  3. We removed the “Sample Policy” section. We felt it was also an unnecessary redundancy, as the topic of sourcing and referrals is covered in other Top Echelon Network Policies, such as Policies 8, 9, 15a, and 15b.

Top Echelon Network Policy #2a

Issue: Sourcing Off Top Echelon Network Candidates

Date created: 04/03/1990
Revised: 6/16/2021

As a general rule, Top Echelon Network Preferred Members are PROHIBITED from using another Member’s candidate information for the purpose of locating (or sourcing) other potential candidates or job orders.

Extenuating circumstances
However, in the event that unusual circumstances arise, such as a candidate offering to give you a referral, you may call the candidate recruiter and ask for approval to use their candidate for the purpose of locating (or sourcing) other potential candidates. By doing this, you are bound by the Top Echelon Network Policies to adhere to any and all rules and restrictions that the candidate recruiter places on such activity. Any placement that results from such sourcing activities will be considered a Top Echelon Network split placement.

Spirit of this policy
Top Echelon Network does not encourage prohibits sourcing and recognizes that any policy that would permit unlimited sourcing would discourage many Members from sharing their best candidates through the Network system. However, we also recognize that in special situations, sourcing can create a situation where “everybody wins.”

The majority of Top Echelon Network Members strongly feels that they do not want other recruiters to source off their candidates prior to giving their approval. In order to maintain the integrity of the Network, Top Echelon Network will support these Members wholeheartedly and will not sympathize with anyone trying to find a loophole in this policy.

In the event that you unintentionally receive information from a Top Echelon Network Member’s candidate that could potentially lead you to other candidates or other job orders, you must contact the owning agency immediately to inform them of the information that you have already received. It is then the sole decision of the owning agency as to whether or not the information may be used and by whom.

Violations of this policy
Any Top Echelon Network Preferred Member who has documented proof of another Member sourcing off their candidates without their permission should present this evidence to Top Echelon Network administration. Violators of this Network policy will be dealt with accordingly.

If another recruiter asks you for permission to source off one of your candidates, you should communicate your decision and any specific requirements you have to that recruiter. We recommend that you do so quickly and preferably in writing.

Sample policy
As a general rule, DO NOT use my candidates as sources for referrals. However, if an extenuating circumstance arises and you need to source off one of my candidates, call me first and ask me to recruit the candidate (as my own) so that we can do a 50/50 split. One of three (3) things will happen:

1) I may say, “No, I don’t want anyone trying to obtain referrals from my candidate.


2) I may ask my original candidate for referrals or will use the information you have already received from my candidate, and I will recruit the candidate you desire. Any candidates I recruit will be considered as my property, and any splits that we do will be done on a regular 50/50 basis. That is, 6% of the commission goes to Top Echelon Network, and the balance gets split between you and I on a 50/50 basis.


3) I may decide to NOT spend my time to recruit the candidate(s) you desire, or I may even forget to perform the sourcing that you desire and forget to return your phone call within 48 hours. At that point, you may take it upon yourself to source off my original candidate and recruit as many new candidates as you need. All of these candidates that you recruit will now be considered your property for future use. However, any of these new referrals that you have received are to be split with me on a 50/50 basis if you are in any way involved in placing them. That is, 6% of the fee earned goes to Top Echelon Network, and you and I receive equal amounts of the fee earned.

If you disagree with any portion of this policy, or you don’t feel that I’m entitled to 50% of the split, then please do not use any of my candidates as sources. Thank you for honoring this agreement.

The following updates were made to Top Echelon Network Policy #2c:

  1. We removed the “Mass Mailings” paragraph from the policy. This was done for two reasons. First, it is related to mass mailing via the antiquated method of the United States Postal Service. Second, it is also a statement already covered and addressed in Policies 8, 9, 15a, and 15b.

Top Echelon Network Policy #2c

Issue: Written and Verbal Communications with Network Candidates

Date created: 10/18/1994
Date revised: 07/28/2010
Date reviewed: 03/10/2021

Top Echelon Network Preferred Members are PROHIBITED from contacting another Top Echelon Network Member’s candidate for any reasons other than the following:

To determine if the candidate is a “fit” for one of their specific job assignments
As part of the ongoing communication necessary to assure the completion of the placement process

Spirit of this policy
Top Echelon Network Members share their candidate information for the purpose of making split placements. Therefore, you must only contact Top Echelon Network candidates for that purpose (unless you receive the approval of the submitting recruiter).

Make sure your written or verbal correspondence with Top Echelon Network candidates is not a form of “sourcing.” Top Echelon Network Members are prohibited from soliciting Top Echelon Network candidates (in writing or verbally) for the purpose of doing the following:

  • Asking them for a clean copy of their resume
  • Asking them to complete your firm’s data sheet or questionnaire
  • Advertising your firm’s specialty, strength, or market position
  • Asking them for other leads or company information
  • Etc.

Doing so will be viewed by Top Echelon Network as an attempt to build a paper trail (as if you recruited the candidate independently) or as an attempt to source off the candidate.

Written and verbal correspondence to Top Echelon Network candidates should pertain to a specific job opening. When communicating with Network candidates, you must always specify how and from whom you received the candidate’s name. Top Echelon Network strongly encourages you to carbon copy the submitting Top Echelon Network recruiter when you correspond in any form (email, texting, letters) with Network candidates.

Mass mailings
Sending any correspondence to Top Echelon Network candidates at the same time is considered a “mass mailing.” Network Members must receive approval from Top Echelon Network before conducting a mass mailing to Network candidates. Top Echelon Network will make sure the content of your mass mailing adheres to the requirements and intentions listed above and is not using the candidate for sourcing purposes.

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