Top Echelon Florida Recruiters Meet = a Huge Success!

Last year was a good year for recruiters in Top Echelon Network. As we announced last week, placements in the Network have increased in each of the past four years.

Job orders are abundant, companies are looking to hire, they have an urgent need to hire, and they’re willing to pay recruiters to find the candidates they want. Good news is good news, and we’re not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. (And I don’t even know what that means.)

While last year was also a good year for Regional Core Groups within Top Echelon Network, 2016 is shaping up to be an even better year. Why is that? Because we have more meeting scheduled with more recruiters who want to make more placements with their trading partners.

First up was the Florida Regional Core Group meeting, which was held on Friday, January 15, in Orlando. It was a great even, with over 20 Network recruiters on hand. These recruiters met each other face-to-face, networking and sharing hot job orders and candidates.

Do placements result when Top Echelon Florida recruiters meet? Of course they do, and they will! Placements always happen when TE recruiters meet one another.

Photos happen at these meetings, as well, and we have plenty from the Florida Regional Core Group meeting.

Our “Florida Regional Core Group” Photo Album!

Just like placements will happen when Florida recruiters meet, placements will also happen when Indiana recruiters meet. I say that because there will be a regional core group meeting in Indiana next month. This will be a meeting of the Midwest Regional Core Group.

Appropriately, the name of the meeting is the Midwest Mid-Winter Regional Core Group Meeting.

Click here for more information about this event.

As always, if you’d like to join one of the Network’s regional core groups or if you’re interested in starting one of your own, please contact me at 330.455.1433, x156 or via email at

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