Top Echelon Firms Celebrate Impressive Milestones

There are a couple of things that stand out about the Top Echelon firms that are celebrating anniversaries during the month of July:

  • Many of the recruiters associated with these firms have earned their Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) certification.
  • Collectively, these firms have made a TON of placements during their tenure in the Network.

How many placements? How about over 800 placements!

Two of those firms have accounted for more than half that total. Those firms are Corporate Resources, LLC with 229 placements and Affinity Executive Search with 218 placements.

Not only that, but seven of the 10 firms below are celebrating an anniversary of 20 years of more. These are Top Echelon firms and recruiters that have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success both inside and outside of the Network.

So congratulations to Corporate Resources, Affinity Executive Search, and all the other Top Echelon firms celebrating Network anniversaries during the month of July!

(Editor’s note: Top Echelon recognizes firms celebrating five, 10, 15, and 20-year anniversaries, plus any firm celebrating an anniversary in excess of 20 years.)

— — —

24-Year Anniversary

Bio Partners Search Group, LLC in Morganton, North Carolina
Staff Members: Bill Lennon, CPC; Fred Kaplan; Steve Kane; Tim Oliver, CPC; Todd Porter; Chris Wellington; Mike Hassell; and Tracy Greene
Agency Join Date: July 1, 1992
Placements: 48

Corporate Resources, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio
Staff Members: Jack Better, CPC; Tom Heeney, CPC; Dan Winters, CPC; Cindy Andrew Cordell, CPC; Carol Brinkman; Carol Ramsay, CPC; and Suzy Turnpaugh
Agency Join Date: July 17, 1992
Placements: 229

— — —

23-Year Anniversary

The Butlers Company in Clearwater, Florida
Staff Members: Kirby Butler, CPC; Judith Crenshaw; and Carla Zinn
Agency Join Date: July 6, 1993
Placements: 24

Newman-Johnson-King, Inc. & A H Justice Search Consultants in Aransas Pass/Houston, Texas
Staff Members: Jack King and Joan Peterson
Agency Join Date: July 2, 1993
Placements: 69

— — —

22-Year Anniversary

Miami Professional Search, LLC in Piqua, Ohio
Staff Members: Lloyd E. Shoemaker
Agency Join Date: July 21, 1994
Placements: 44

Affinity Executive Search, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida
Staff Members: Steve Kohn and Sara Kohn
Agency Join Date: July 22, 1994
Placements: 218

— — —

20-Year Anniversary

Barcus Associates in Van Alstyne, Texas
Staff Members: Carolyn Barcus and Keith Laursen
Agency Join Date: July 25, 1996
Placements: 32

— — —

10-Year Anniversary

Progressive Executive, Inc. in Concord, Ohio
Staff Members: Russell Schutt
Agency Join Date: July 11, 2006
Placements: 29

True North Consultants, Inc. in North Olmsted, Ohio
Staff Members: David M. Sgro, CPC; David J. Sgro; and Jeremy Hoover
Agency Join Date: July 27, 2006
Placements: 107

— — —

5-Year Anniversary

Charter Executive Search in Groveport, Ohio
Staff Members: George Seipel and Robert Berman
Agency Join Date: July 26, 2011
Placements: 9

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