Tim Moran, John Zurek Celebrating Network Anniversaries!

There are two Preferred Member firms who are celebrating 10-year Top Echelon Network anniversaries during the month of May.  Those firms–and their owners–are Tim Moran, CPC/CIPC of Professional Recruiters, Inc., and John Zurek of Zurek Professional Resources, LLC.

We’d like to congratulate Tim and John for their milestone, as well as thank them for their commitment as Preferred Members! Below are are short comments that each of them made regarding their experience within Top Echelon Network during the past decade.

— — —

Tim Moran, CPC/CIPC
Professional Recruiters, Inc.
Agency Join Date: May 9, 2000

Tim Moran“I’ve met some wonderful people, developed excellent Trading Partners, and enjoyed financial success while being a Member of Top Echelon Network.  It seems when I first joined, we had just gone through the .com bust.  Now, ten years later, we’ve just gone through the biggest economic bust since the Great Depression.

“If trends continue, we have another 10 years of positive economic growth ahead of us, and I look forward to many more split placements with other Members of Top Echelon . . . and then . . . retirement!

“I’ve learned during my 30 years in this business, that you should quit while your ahead in this game!”

— — —

John Zurek
Zurek Professional Resources, LLC
Agency Join Date: May 10, 2000


John ZurekI actually joined TE in 1996 as an employee of Williamson, a wayward TE agency whose real strength was in temp placement. I left them in 2000 to undertake recruitment on my own and still stay in touch with them from time to time. I don’t think about the years that have passed very often, but I remember the “paper packets,” arriving followed by flipping through datasheets with resumes printed on the back. Then TE leapt forward with floppy discs, online updates, Rex, Big Biller, etc. I cannot recall exactly when the Discussion Forum came into play, but I really a get a kick out of it, or a kick off of it depending upon the level of contents in your glass.

I will say that the most enjoyable period including level of service was the era of floppy disks. Once a week the disks were downloaded while we trembled and salivated. Much of that first day was spent feverishly screening and selecting potential candidates, later followed by rescreening and finally refocusing on the arrival of next week’s discs.

The most valuable aspect of TE has been the introduction of affiliates that have become friends. I have yet to meet some of these rather close friends, yet I can count on them for support in most any challenge, business or personal.”

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