The Top Echelon Network ‘Hot Sheet’: Dan Simmons and Rebecca Kohn

“The Hot Sheet” feature, we highlight successful Trading Partner relationships within Top Echelon Network.  We’re talking about relationships that have resulted in split placement income for the recruiters involved.  We’d like to congratulate those recruiters who are part of this week’s segment, and we wish them even more placement success in the future!

The Players:

The Money:

Since March of last year, Simmons and Kohn have made nine split placements together in the Animal Science and Animal Nutrition industry. Some of the fees associated with those placements include $37,500; $24,000; and $21,250.

The Sizzle:

Dan Simmons, CPC“Our splits have come from working with old fashioned basics while utilizing internet technologies.  Rebecca has utilized internet research and worked diligently to build a database of people in my field and regularly communicates with them on the searches we are conducting.  I use old-fashioned client relationships, hard core closing methods and as much candidate control as I can muster to manage the interview process.  This combination utilized consistently and persistently has created our ‘luck’ in working together.  We communicate nearly daily, speak frankly and work diligently.  We have an offer out to our next potential placement as I write this, I expect many more.”


Rebecca Kohn“Personally, I think it’s a miracle and a blessing that we’ve made any money at all in this economic climate. Aside from that, Dan has a very clear understanding of what his clients need and want and he is quick to correct me when I submit candidates that are off the mark. As a result, neither he nor I waste very much time. We have a professional relationship with complete and open communication and trust. Dan has provided me a great amount of support and patience in teaching me his specialty and respect and understanding for the fact that I do things differently then he would.”


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