The Importance of the Job Description in Top Echelon

Recently in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, I discussed  “Questions to Ask When Creating Job Alerts in TE.”

This week, I’m addressing another key step for achieving success within Top Echelon Network as an exporter. That step is a thorough understanding of the job description.

First, though, let me say that yes, I understand that you want to make split placements in our Network. I love the fact that you want to make split placements. As such, I don’t want to dissuade you from doing so or dampen your enthusiasm.

Study the job description!

However, it’s important to not put too much of a burden on the job order recruiter. This is especially the case in a situation in which the job is not within your area of expertise.

That’s why you should study the job description to get a firm understanding of the position and the client’s needs.

If the job is NOT within your area of expertise, it’s recommended that you find a job that IS within your area. It’s not fair to expect the job order recruiter to “teach you” how to work and recruit in their niche. It is also not fair to expect them to look at submissions that are based on a lack of knowledge or experience in their niche.

I appreciate the fact that you want to work their jobs. However, this can be counterproductive and quite possibly damage your relationship with that recruiter.

Potentially, it could become a big time waster, as well as a point of frustration for other recruiters. Nobody wants that, so exercise caution.

Instead, track down jobs that are in your area of expertise. Then take the time to thoroughly understand the job description. Find out exactly what the client wants and work to provide it.

That’s the first step toward filling that position and yet another step toward enjoying success as an exporter in Top Echelon’s recruiting network.

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