‘The Recruiter’s Resume’: Glenda Smith of MetalJobs Network

Glenda Smith, CPCThere are many recruiters in Top Echelon who are enjoying success using the Network’s tools and services.  In this feature, “The Recruiter’s Resume,” we’re going to highlight those recruiters, their accomplishments, and how they’ve been successful.

If you’d like to nominate somebody for this feature (including yourself), send an email to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

Preferred Member:

Glenda Smith of MetalJobs Network in Eastwood, Kentucky

Network Accomplishments:

Smith has made a total of 69 placements in Top Echelon Network since becoming a Preferred Member recruiter, four in 2010.

Glenda’s Keys to Success in Top Echelon Network:

“Staying in touch with recruiters who may have candidates who work my specialty.”

Glenda’s Trading Partners:

“Jeff Ploeger, Janiece Durham, Mike Helffrich, Dave Wick, Bob Millman, and a host of others with whom I stay in touch.”

The Activity Level in Glenda’s Niche (Technical and Professional Manufacturing):

“This year has been a great surprise. The activity level is excellent and it seems it will continue into the new year. Yippee!”

Glenda’s Goals for Future Production in the Network:

“Obviously, I’d like to make more splits. But since the niche I work is very small (manufacturing aluminum extrusions), odds are that the splits I do make will be the unusual ones – the ones where another TE recruiter needs a special candidate with a metals background – something that is outside their own area or when I need a candidate who is outside my area of expertise. I make it a rule to always check the split candidate database for the right candidate before I conduct additional searches.”

Glenda’s Advice:

“Don’t be afraid of picking up the phone and calling any TE recruiter for advice, to get feedback or just to discuss if a concern you have is valid. TE is chock full of the BEST kind of people – recruiters who want YOU to succeed as much as you do. They are always willing to help you in any situation.

“The other thing I’d say is to utilize fully the skills and experience of other TE’ers. That includes using them as your ‘back-office.’  In our TE family, we have experts in all areas of industry and careers, including accounting, construction, plastics, in recruiting doctors, in working with the government, in engineering, in IT and certainly in metals, just to name a few.”

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