‘The Recruiter’s Resume’: Eric Berg of JN Adams & Associates, Inc.

Eric BergRecruiters are making money in Top Echelon Network.  Who are they?  How are they doing it?  In this feature in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, “The Recruiter’s Resume,” we’re going to highlight those recruiters, their accomplishments, and how they’ve been successful.

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Preferred Member:

Eric Berg of JN Adams & Associates, Inc.

Eric’s Network Accomplishments:

Eric has made a total of 13 split placements in Top Echelon Network since JN Adams & Associates, Inc. became a Preferred Member recruiting firm in 2006, including six split placements in 2010.  Eric is currently ranked 10th in the Network in terms of overall production.

Eric’s Keys to Success in Top Echelon Network:

“I’m constantly working to make matches with my affiliate’s open positions on a daily basis.  You can’t make a placement unless you make a referral; that’s the essence of the business today.  I’ve already made half a dozen matches with my applicants to affiliates’ positions.  I search them out and make the matches.  You have to look at the Top Echelon Network site at least once a day.  It’s a constant thing: I look at the positions and I make the matches.”

Eric’s Trading Partners:

“I’ve made a couple of placements with [Suzanne Griffith, CPC of J S Griffith & Associates] and three with [Scott Riffle, CPC of SJR & Associates] and I’ve known Ed Keil [of Reliance Recruiting, LLC] and Jeff Ploegher of Ploegher Recruiting Services for a while.”

(Editor’s Note: Eric has also made split placements with Kenneth Lowry of Lowry Personnel Services; Joe Noto of Regency Search Group; and Bill Lennon of Bio-Partners Search Group, LLC within the past two years.)

The Activity Level in Eric’s Niche:

“My niche is Quality Assurance in Lean Manufacturing and Engineering, and I think it’s slowly picking up there.  There’s a caveat, though.  Because of all the cutbacks that have happened over the past couple of years, I think there’s a significant lack of quality Engineers and quality Engineering Managers who are willing to relocate, particularly in Medical Device.”

Eric’s Goals for Future Production in the Network:

“I don’t have any specific goals, but I want to establish new relationships with affiliates I haven’t had any dialogue with yet, particularly in Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.  I want more people to know what I do and what I specialize in.”

Eric’s Advice:

“If you’re going to join any shared network, particularly Top Echelon, you have to work it.  Add jobs and/or people into the system.  If not, you’re just wasting your time.  This is critical.”

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