The Percentage of Job Orders Shared in TE is . . .

Last week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we published the results of a recent poll that we ran in the Members’ Area. Specifically, we asked Preferred Member recruiters what percentage of their firm’s candidates they shared with the rest of the Network.

The results of that poll were quite interesting, so . . . you guessed it—we ran another poll in the Members’ Area! Even if you didn’t participate in the poll, you’ve probably already guessed which question we asked.  That’s because once you ask about candidates, you have to ask about job orders, too. The two go together like pees in a pod, like peanut butter and chocolate, like Captain and Tennille. (Wait, what? They got divorced? Okay, scratch that last one.)

So, all pop culture references notwithstanding, what is the breakdown in terms of how many job orders TE members share with the rest of the Network?

To find out this information, we polled the Membership by posting the question below:

What percentage of your firm’s job orders are posted on Top Echelon Network?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each one:

  • None of them — 8.0%
  • Between 1% and 25% — 35.0%
  • Between 26% and 50% — 11.0%
  • Between 51% and 75% — 7.0%
  • Between 76% and 99% — 21.0%
  • All of them — 18.0%


Right off the bat, you can see that Preferred Members share more of their firm’s job orders with the rest of the Network (by percentage) than they share candidates. In fact, nearly one-fifth of those participating in the poll (18%) share “all of them.”

In addition, another fifth of poll respondents (21%) indicated that they share “between 76% and 99%” of their firm’s job orders with the Network. Put those two percentages together, and already close to half of the recruiters who participated in our poll share at least 75% of their jobs. At the other end of the spectrum, 35% of poll participants indicated that they share “between 1% and 25%” of their job orders.

By contrast, only 8% of recruiters indicated that they don’t share any of their job orders. The rest of the results are pretty much spread evenly between the other choices that we offered.

Analysis and Conclusion:

It’s easier to share all of your job orders in Top Echelon Network than it is to share all of your candidates. That’s because recruiters have far more candidates than job orders. Not only that, but how many of those candidates have been screened, qualified, and updated?

In addition to THAT, there’s a certain amount of urgency tied to a job order, as opposed to a candidate. (No matter how good that candidate might be.) Recruiters want to fill their job orders now, now, NOW! When they’re having trouble filling a search, then they’re more likely to post that job on the Network and/or share the job with their trading partners.

And of course, as we’ve relayed on numerous occasions, the more job orders and candidates you share with the rest of the Network, the more success you can enjoy as a Network recruiter. The equation is a simple—and profitable—one.

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