The Fit Survive . . . By Evolving

Technology and tools are designed to make the tasks of our work easier with data: moving, changing, sharing, scheduling, modifying, noting, sending . . . ad nauseum. “Work smarter, not harder!”

Like any craftsman using the right tools properly to build or create, a recruiter’s work is precise, the end product is beautiful, and they have less chance of losing a finger (placement) in the process.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” –Stephen Hawking

We always think we are so clever and that our ways are the best and only ways to achieve success. However, if we are not constantly adapting, then we are not learning, and if we are not learning, then we will not maintain steady and consistent growth. Entropy will consume us!

It is recorded that at age 87, Michelangleo said, “Yet, I am still learning.” Now let’s couple that with this quote:

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” –Bruce Lee.

There is always more to learn, and if we apply what we learn, we evolve, grow, and thrive. How is this not a goal for us every day? We become haughty to anything new and remain trapped in our hypnotic routine.

Now, routine is absolutely important, but if new ideas are not implemented and we do not learn how to use tools properly or more effectively and efficiently, then we are easily overtaken by the predatory world around us.

With the systems/tools of Top Echelon’s recruiting software and Top Echelon Network at your fingertips, you need to ask yourself this question:

“What tasks am I doing every day that the software, for which I pay, will help me and my Top Echelon partners conduct business better and more effectively?”

If your answer is, “I am happy with how I am doing things,” then that could be complacency. Possibly, the fear of learning something new is cleverly disguising itself as comfort. Imagine the frog in the pot of water that slowly comes to a boil . . . we all know how that ends.

This Pinnacle Newsletter blog post is to encourage everybody to take time to learn to properly and effectively use the system of Top Echelon Network and Top Echelon’s recruiting software. We spent years designing and building these tools so that you can run your desk inside and outside of Top Echelon.

Here are a few tips to start you on your path to learning more:

Ultimately, the answers to your survival are located in the Help Center, Training Tuesdays, Top Echelon Network Software Training, and Q&A’s with yours truly (Drea) on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m., Eastern.

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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