The Best Job Board for Advertising Your Jobs is . . .

Once upon a time, recruiters did NOT post their jobs on the Internet in an attempt to fill them. But then again, once upon a time, the only things that recruiters used were a land-line telephone and a rolodex of contacts.

Times changes, and so does the profession. With each passing year, more and more search consultants use the Internet and job boards to help source viable candidates for their clients.

Job boards were the subject of two recent poll questions that we posed in the Members’ Area of the Top Echelon Network software. And with one of the questions, we asked recruiters about the best job board for advertising jobs.

And the winner was . . . NOT Indeed.

Yes, Indeed did come in second place. And yes, it was a close race. However, the clear-cut winner was LinkedIn.

As you can see below, Monster and CareerBuilder barely registered in the poll results. In fact, “Some other job board” garnered many more votes than the two former job board giants.

(They’re still “big,” relatively speaking. Just not as popular with third-party agency recruiters as they used to be.)

So the bottom line is this: more recruiters are using job boards to advertise their jobs, more recruiters are making placements as a result of advertising their jobs, and more recruiters are of the opinion that LinkedIn is the best job board for that purpose.

— — —

What percentage of the placements you’ve made so far this year have been the result of posting your jobs to the Internet?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters selecting each one:

  • 0% to 10% — 21.5%
  • 11% to 25% — 21.5%
  • 26% to 50% — 5.1%
  • Over 50% — 44.3%
  • I don’t post my jobs to the Internet. — 7.6%

— — —

What is the best job board for advertising your jobs?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters selecting each one:

  • Indeed — 29.1%
  • LinkedIn — 34.2%
  • ZipRecruiter — 5.1%
  • Monster. — 2.5%
  • CareerBuilder — 2.5%
  • Dice — 0.0%
  • Some other job board — 26.6%

— — —

Just a reminder: we post a poll question in the Members’ Area every week. Once you participate in the poll, you can see the results as other Members cast their votes.

We usually post a new Members’ Area poll question on Monday. We usually do that, but we don’t always do that. We don’t like to be predictable.

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