TE Recruiters Are Working THIS Many Job Orders

Last week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we addressed the topic of how many clients Top Echelon Network recruiters work with each year. As per usual, we used a survey in the Members’ Area to come up with the results.

And we’re back this week with the results of another one! Instead of clients, though, we focused on job orders. Specifically, we posed the following question:

How many job orders are you working right now?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters that selected each one:

  • 0-3 — 15.6%
  • 4-6 — 21.1%
  • 7-10— 26.6%
  • 11-13— 13.8%
  • 14-16— 3.7%
  • More than 16 — 19.3%

Job orders across the board:

As you can see, the results are all over the board. The distribution is pretty evenly distributed. However, the answer “7-10” was the most popular answer with 26.6% of the vote.

Right behind it was “4-6” at 21.1% and then “more than 16” at 19.3%. When nearly one-fifth of Network recruiters are working more than 16 job orders at one time, that bodes well for the activity in their niche.

At the other end of the spectrum is “0-3” with 15.6% of the responses. Right in the middle is “11-13” at 13.8%. Last but not least is “14-16,” which must represent an obscure number of job orders at 3.7%.

Overall, the results are typical for the type of job market conditions that we’re currently experiencing.

The variables involved:

There are a number of variables in results such as these. They include the following:

  • The industry in which the recruiter works
  • The business model of the firm in which the recruiter works
  • The number of firms with which the recruiter is working
  • The type of searches on which the recruiter is working (contingent, retainer, container, etc.)
  • The capacity of the recruiter (how many job orders they can effectively work at one time)

Unfortunately, we don’t know any of these variables in relation to the votes that were cast for this particular survey. However, there is one fact that is not variable at the moment:

There ARE job orders.

Companies are hiring, and they’re enlisting the services of recruiting agencies to help them find the candidates they need. Without that fact, all of the variables in the world won’t amount of a hill of beans.

No matter how much you like beans.

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