TE’s Leading Recruiters for the Month of October

Whenever there’s a discussion about the leading recruiters in Top Echelon split fee recruiting network, two names invariably come up:

  1. Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group
  2. Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search

For quite a while now, Trey and Steve have been one-two in the Network as far as overall cash-in is concerned. (Although Steve did interrupt Trey’s string of Recruiter of the Month awards in September).

If we had trading cards for Top Echelon Network members, this is what would be on the back of Trey’s card:

  • Started recruiting in 1998
  • Joined Top Echelon Network in 2003
  • Has made 521 Network placements
  • Has billed $3.9 million through the Network

Conversely, this is what the back of Steve’s trading card would look like:

  • Started recruiting in 1989
  • Joined Top Echelon Network in 1994
  • Has made 210 Network placements
  • Has billed $1.7 million through the Network

Once again, these two gentlemen are at the top of our list of the leading recruiters for the month. At this point, there’s no reason to think anybody is going to knock them off their perch. Hopefully, where they lead, others will follow.

So congratulations to Steve, Trey, and the rest of the recruiters who made placements in Top Echelon’s recruiter network during the month of October!

— — —

Leading Recruiters of the Month:

1st Place: Trey Cameron
Agency: Cameron Craig Group
Placements: 12
Commission: $114,857

— — —

2nd Place: Steve Kohn
Agency: Affinity Executive Search
Placements: 6
Commission: $63,804

— — —

3rd Place: Lois Rupkey
Agency: Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc.
Placements: 2
Commission: $25,568

— — —

4th Place: Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC
Agency: MMS Group
Placements: 2
Commission: $24,289

— — —

5th Place: Melissa Truax
Agency: Premier Health Careers, Inc./Premier Paths
Placements: 2
Commission: $23,500

— — —

If YOU are looking to make more placements with your Top Echelon Network membership, contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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