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This year, Top Echelon Network is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  So that makes the fact Charter Member Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems recently made his 100th Network placement all the more fitting!

Steve BrodyBrody joined Top Echelon Network on March 8, 1988 . . . which, incidentally, was the exact date that the first Pinnacle newsletter was distributed by Top Echelon founder Mike Kappel.  (Yes, it was delivered via “snail mail.”  It was prehistoric times.)

Brody’s area of specialization is Accounting and Finance, and he’s made splits in that area with a number of different Top Echelon Network recruiters down through the years.

Not only that, but Brody has attended a great many Network events like the National Convention and the Fall Conference—and he continues to attend!  (He was at the 2013 National Convention in Florida this past spring.)

Everybody at Top Echelon would like to recognize Steve for his impressive accomplishment and also thank him for his dedication and commitment as a Preferred Member of the Network for the past 25 years.  Congratulations!

Here’s to the next 100 placements!  (Just kidding . . . actually, no we’re not.)