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Top Echelon welcomed twelve (12) new recruiting agencies to the Network during the month of May!  However, we broke up the list, publishing half of them in last week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog and half in this week’s issue.

New Preferred MembersThese recruiting agencies work in different industries, but there’s a heavy concentration in Manufacturing and Information Technology.  It just so happens that Engineering and Manufacturing are among the two industries in which the most split placements are made in Top Echelon.

The names of these new Network recruiting agencies are listed below, along with their location; the disciplines, industries, and specialty areas in which the agencies work; and the date the agencies officially joined the Network.

We encourage you to reach out to the recruiters in these agencies and welcome them to the Network, especially if they operate within your specialty area!  (Click on the name of the agency to view its profile in the Members’ Area.  However, please note that you must be logged into the Network software in order to do so.)

JTR Recruiting in Forest, Virginia
Specialties: Information Technology – SAP
Join date: May 22

Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc. in Waterloo, Iowa
 Chemical, Durable Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Engineering, Executive Management, Financial, Food Manufacturing, Heavy and Agricultural Manufacturing, Human Resources, Information Technology and SAP, Operations Management, Pharmaceutical, and Plastics
—Join date: May 28

Accurate Hit Solutions in Fremont, Ohio
 Information Technology, Information Technology Consulting, EHR, EMR, Healthcare, Hipaa, Project Management, Software Engineers, Software Developers, Software Architects Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, Epic, and Cerner
—Join date: May 29

Foxx Resources in Alpharetta, Georgia
—Specialties: Manufacturing and Logistics
—Join date: May 29

Phillips Staffing Solutions in Bend, Oregon
 MFG, Distribution, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Logistics, Engineering, Warehouse, Transportation, and 3PL
—Join date: May 29

Synerlou in St. Petersburg, Florida
—Join date: May 30

Remember, if you know somebody who you think would be a good fit for Network Membership, you can receive a $100 credit toward your Top Echelon invoice for referring an agency that eventually becomes a Preferred Member.

You can send your referrals to