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Job Javelin

Top Echelon Network is all about helping recruiters make split placements.  However, Top Echelon also offers many tools and services that help recruiters make full-fee placements, as well.  One of them is Job Javelin, a job posting service for recruiters resulting from Top Echelon’s arrangement with Career Marketplace, LLC.

As part of that arrangement, recruiters who are already Top Echelon customers receive a substantial discount on the jobs they post through Job Javelin.  In fact, the cost is only $17 per job.

Find out more about the Job Javelin pricing structure.

It’s been nearly two years since the release of Job Javelin, and more and more recruiters are making placements with this job posting service.  We’re highlighting one of those recruiters (and their placement) in this Pinnacle blog post (see below).

Job Javelin is a quick and easy tool for Top Echelon Network Preferred Members to use.
target=”_blank”>Click here to read a blog post with directions about how to post your jobs using Job Javelin.

Click here to learn more about Job Javelin and the sites to which your jobs are posted.

Please note that you DO NOT have to be a user of the Big Biller recruiting software in order to take full advantage of the value that Job Javelin offers.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (330) 455-1433.

And if you’ve made a placement through the Job Javelin job order posting service, we want to hear about it!  Send your information to

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J.D. Cotter“The candidate sent their resume to Job Javelin in September or October of 2011, and they fit a subsequent (different) search in November or December.”

Submitted by Joe Cotter of J.D. Cotter Search, Inc. regarding the full-fee placement he made through the Job Javelin job order posting service for recruiters

Fee Percentage—25%
Amount Cotter Paid for the Job Posting—$17
Brokerage Fee Owed to Top Echelon Network—$0

— — —

Remember, if you’ve made a placement through the Job Javelin job order posting service for recruiters, send your information to

Yes, John Cokinos of J.D. Cotter Search, Inc. has already been profiled this week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, specifically for his split placement with Lisa Wilczynski of Engineering & Technical Associates, Inc.  However, he also made another placement recently by utilizing one of Top Echelon’s services for recruiters, and this one wasn’t a split placement, but instead a full-fee placement.

Cokinos made the placement by using the Job Javelin job order posting service for recruiters.  Top Echelon Network Preferred Members receive a huge discount on the cost of Job Javelin, as you can see below:

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John Cokinos“That Job Javelin ad really paid off!”

Submitted by John Cokinos of J.D. Cotter Search, Inc. regarding the full-fee placement he recently made using the Job Javelin job posting service for recruiters

Position Title—Senior .NET Architect
Fee Percentage—25.0%
Amount Cokinos paid for the job posting—$17
Brokerage Fee Owed to Top Echelon Network—$0

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Can any Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter take advantage of this special pricing and put the power of Job Javelin to work for them?  Absolutely! You can start posting your jobs around the Internet with Job Javelin starting today. Call Top Echelon at (330) 455-1433 for more information!

There are two pricing options in regards to Job Javelin: “One Job at a Time” and the “Monthly Subscription.”  Those options are described in more detail below.

  • One Job at a Time*–With this option, you can post your job by clicking the appropriate box at the bottom of the job order add form. When you post jobs Job Javelinone at a time, they will remain active for 30 days. There’s no limit to the number of jobs that you can post in this fashion, and you will only be charged $17 per job.
  • Monthly Subscription*–With this option, you can subscribe to a set number of job slots each month. You can take jobs out of your slots and put new ones in, but the number of jobs you have active at any one time will correspond to the number of slots allowed by your subscription. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription for three job slots ($35.70 per month), you can have three active jobs posted through Job Javelin at any one time. A price chart breakdown of the monthly subscription costs can be found in the “What’s This” description, located next to the Job Javelin checkbox at the bottom of the job order add form.

With the “One Job at a Time” option, all you have to do is check the box at the bottom of the job order add form and the appropriate charge will be added to your monthly invoice.  However, if you’d like to sign up for a monthly subscription to Job Javelin, please call our office at (330) 455-1433.

As you can see, Job Javelin is very affordably priced.  The price varies, depending on how job many slots you’re purchasing.  The more you purchase, the lower the overall cost per slot becomes.  For example, the price for one job slot is $17.00 for a 30-day posting.  For three, the price is $35.70 per month ($11.90 per job), and the price for five is $51.00 ($10.20 per job).

Remember, to access a price chart breakdown, click the “What’s This” link, which is located next to the Job Javelin checkbox at the bottom of the job order add form.

*–Recruiters who reside in the state of Ohio will be subject to the standard Ohio sales tax associated with their purchase of the Job Javelin service.