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Another Network recruiter visited the new Top Echelon headquarters in Canton, Ohio recently, and it was none other than Charter Member Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems!

Brody is among the recruiters who joined the Network during its first year of existence in 1988.  Since joining, he’s made a total of 99 placements in Top Echelon Network.  (No pressure, Steve . . . but 100 is a pretty big milestone.)

Anyway, we want to thank Brody for visiting us, especially since his firm is located in California!  Oh, and for being a Preferred Member recruiter for the past 25 years.  That, too.

Top Echelon Network Recruiter Steve Brody

A WHIRLWIND TOUR: Steve Brody is pictured with Top Echelon President Mark Demaree (left) and Membership Development Coordinator Drea Codispoti.  If the clouds in the distance look ominous, it’s because they are . . . a tornado warning was in effect for Canton when this photo was taken.

Top Echelon Network Recruiter Steve Brody

IN FOR THE LONG ‘HAUL’: Steve Brody shakes hands with Top Echelon Network founder Mike Kappel, the person responsible for “recruiting” Brody into the Network.  Behind them on the wall is the original U-Haul blanked that Kappel used to shield his office area while making cold calls in the basement of a factory building in 1988 . . . the first Top Echelon headquarters!

If you’re a Network recruiter and you find yourself in the Canton area, we’d love for you to visit!  Just give us a call at 330.455.1433, and we’ll set it up . . . including the photo op!

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