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Back in the day, we had a feature in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog called “The Hot Sheet.” In this feature, we took a look at the split recruiting relationship of two recruiters in Top Echelon Network. We took a look because their relationship was on fire! (Not literally, but figuratively.)

Well, we are bringing “The Hot Sheet” back in a BIG way this week. That’s because we have two split network partners who are on fire! (Once again, not literally, but figuratively, if you’re scoring at home.)

So turn off the smoke alarm and let’s see the damage . . .

— — —

The Players:

Mary Morris of Big Haystack
Carolyn Barcus of Barcus Associates

— — —

The Money:

Mary joined Top Echelon’s recruiting network on October 19, 2016. She brought with her one of the best recruiting agency names ever. And with a little rudimentary math, we can calculate that she’s been a member for a little more than a year. Since joining, Mary has made six split placements. Guess what? She’s made them all with Carolyn!

But wait . . . yes . . . there IS more. That more involves the amount of the recruiting fees associated with these placements. The average fee for those six placements is $34,808. That’s a lot of cheddar, my friends.

Login to the Members’ Area and check out their Recruiter Profiles to see the exact dollar amounts of those fees. (Or don’t. It’s a free country. For now.)

— — —

The Sizzle:

There’s more than just money at work here. Although as documented above, there’s a LOT of money here. There’s also sizzle, and not just steak sizzle, either, but the sizzle of a rip-roaringly successful trading partner relationship.

But don’t take it from me. Take it away, Carolyn and Mary!

— — —

Carolyn Barcus of Barcus Associates

Carolyn Barcus

“Mary understands the database marketing industry because she has done a lot of recruiting for one of my client’s competitors. She understands marketing solutions as opposed to IT solutions, knows they call on different people within the companies.

“[Mary] knows the questions to ask the candidates, and has a strong grasp of the right answers. She also has a strong existing network of candidates in the industry, so was able to quickly tap into that network for candidates who trust her enough to listen.”

—Carolyn Barcus of Barcus Associates

— — —

Mary Morris of Big Haystack

Mary Morris

“Carolyn is an ideal network partner. She keeps me updated after every interview and throughout the process. Carolyn is viewed as a trusted advisor by her clients and has earned their respect and responsiveness.

“I’ve never met another recruiter who can close business as fast as Carolyn which has much to do with her strong relationships with hiring managers. It is always a pleasure to partner with Carolyn.”

—Mary Morris of Big Haystack

— — —

You think you’re Hot Sheet material . . . don’t you?

Do you have a trading partner who you work particularly well with? Are you churning out the placements year after year? Well, then you just might be “Hot Sheet” material! We’re always looking to highlight the most successful relationships within the pages of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, and yours could be next.

Feel free to nominate yourself (and your trading partner) by sending an email to We’ll take care of the rest. Well, most of the rest, anyway.

Welcome back to our series of blog posts about recruiting ATS success. The applicant tracking system that we’re highlighting, of course, is Big Biller.

As you may have heard us say before, Big Biller is designed for ease of use. The reason is simple. We want users to save time during the recruiting process so they can focus on other tasks. Specifically, we want them to focus on the tasks that help them make more placements.

So we are back again with more tips for recruiting ATS success. We recently published these “Did You Know?” tips in the news section of Big Biller. A Help Center article and/or video accompanies each tip, explaining it in more detail. (Editor’s note: the Help Center is available 24/7 to help answer your questions about Top Echelon’s tools and services.)

The next three best practice tips for the Big Biller recruiting software are listed below.

— — —

Did You Know . . . About the Acronym NEAR?

You’ve probably seen the acronym NEAR throughout various list views in Big Biller. But what do those letters mean? You can use them as quick links to take specific action on that record without having to open up the actual datasheet.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about about the acronym NEAR in Big Biller!

— — —

Did You Know . . . What the Planner Can Do?

Get organized and on track with Big Biller! The Planner allows you to keep track of your activities and see what you need to do for the day, week, or even month. Big Biller’s Planner can help you save even more time, so that you can do more of what leads to deals and placements.

Click HERE for a Help Center article and video about the Planner!

— — —

Did You Know . . . About Wildcard Searching?

Having trouble finding somebody in Big Biller? Not quite sure how to spell their name or how to search on their phone number? Try using the wildcard symbol in Big Biller’s quick find to locate the record you’re looking for.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about wildcard searching in Big Biller!

— — —

Check future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for another installment of “Did You Know?”

Are you ready to save time with the Big Biller applicant tracking software and see what it can do for your agency? Then click HERE to sign up for a LIVE demo!