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In last week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we published the “Average Fees and Percentages by Discipline for 2018.”

This week, we have more Network statistics from last year. These statistics include the jobs by discipline in Top Echelon’s recruiter network for 2018.

The chart below includes all 15 of the disciplines within Top Echelon Network. In addition to the discipline and its corresponding code, there are two numbers:

1. Total Jobs—This number represents the total number of jobs that were assigned to that discipline code and available in the Network last year. Even if the job was only available in the Network for a day (or even less, it still counts in the overall total.

2. Average Salary—This is the average salary associated with all of the jobs assigned to that discipline code last year. Last week, we published the average salary associated with all split placements made in the Network in 2018. This is the average salary associated with all the jobs in the Network, regardless of whether not TE members filled them.

So with all of that out of the way, below are the jobs by discipline in Top Echelon Network for 2018:

2018 Jobs by Discipline

DisciplineTotal JobsAverage Salary
Accounting (00)2,841$102,897
Finance & Banking (05)521$118,768
Engineering (10)7,754$98,723
Scientific (15)1,597$96,868
IT/Information Systems (20)2,901$106,723
Industry & Manufacturing (25)9,259$94,127
Sales & Marketing (30)4,796$109,447
Insurance (35)424$116,981
Technology & Technologists (40)1,728$72,379
Personnel & Human Resources (45)885$90,617
Construction (50)1,751$89,570
Healthcare (60)5,456$102,679
Service (65)2,145$109,667
Retail (70)466$88,611
Miscellaneous (99)253$50,494

Once again, as there was last week, there are some interesting trends among the statistics presented above:

  • The disciplines with the most jobs represent the disciplines that typically boast the most placements in the Network.
  • Industry & Manufacturing is the run-away winner with over 9,000 jobs. Engineering was a distant second at 7,754 with Healthcare third (5,456).
  • IT/Information Systems is a bit of a surprise. Once a stalwart within the Network, only 2,901 jobs represented that discipline in 2018.
  • Seven of the 15 disciplines had an average salary of over $100K. Four other disciplines had an average salary of over $90K.

If there’s one big take-away from these statistics, it’s that there are plenty of job in Top Echelon’s split fee recruiting network. That means, of course, that employers are looking to hire and recruiters have plenty of job orders to fill.

It is indeed a good time to be a recruiter.