Have You Ever Been Surprised by a TE Placement?

What’s the only thing better than a placement? A placement you didn’t even know you were going to make! In other words, you were surprised by the placement.

There are recruiters in Top Echelon Network who made “surprise placements” during the Network’s 29-year existence. That’s one of the perks of membership.

But how many placements are we talking about here? Well, let’s pose that question to you and the rest of the membership, shall we?

How many times have you been surprised by a placement you’ve made in TE?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of Network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Never — 31.3%
  • Once or twice — 53.0%
  • Three or four times — 10.8%
  • Five or six times — 0.0%
  • More than six times — 4.8%

Surprised: let me count the ways . . .

Let’s start with the bad news this time. Nearly a third of respondents (31.3%) have never been surprised by a placement in our recruiter network. Okay, that’s out of the way.

Now for the good news! Over half of all recruiters participating in our poll (53.0%) have been surprised “once or twice.” Another 10.8% have enjoyed a surprise placement “three or four times.”

Curiously, nobody has experience such a placement “five or six times.” However, another 4.8% of recruiters have enjoyed that experience “more than six times.”

Of course, there are different ways of being surprised. Below are three such examples:

  1. You fill a job order that you did not think you had a chance of filling.
  2. One of your trading partners fills a job with a candidate you posted on the Network. Then they call and say, “I placed your candidate. I’ll be sending a check soon.”
  3. Another Network recruiter gives you permission to post their jobs on your website. Lo and behold, a candidate applies for that recruiter position through your website. The other Network recruiters places that candidate. Then they call and said, “I placed your candidate. I’ll be sending a check soon.”

Who doesn’t love somebody calling them out of the blue and saying, “Hey, I’m sending you [insert the average Top Echelon split placement fee here]”? Everybody loves that!

This is yet another indication of the value that Top Echelon Network offers to recruiters. Not only do Network members make split placements they expect to make, but they also make split placements that they don’t.


If you’d like to be surprised more often in TE, then contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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