So You Made Your First TE Split . . . Now What?

So you made a Top Echelon Network split placement and you want to know what to do?

Well, first things first . . . congratulations! We hope this will be the first of many!

Now, since you’re wondering what to do next, here are the steps:

#1—Encourage partners to send through the system.

The candidate sent to you from your TE partner should show in the Job Pipeline if they were a Network Candidate request, Direct Submittal, or TEN Job Feed Nomination. If not and the candidate was emailed to you outside of the system, encourage your TE partners to send you their candidates through the system! It is so much easier for them and for you.

If they are not in the Pipeline, as they were sent via email, upload the candidate to your account. (Here is a Help Center article explaining that action: Adding A New Person Record).

  • Once you are in the “Add a Person” form, scroll to the Miscellaneous Card, go to the “Sourced From” field, and “Select Network Recruiter.” You can find your TE partner’s name from there. Then “Save the Candidate” and you are on your way!
  • Now that the candidate is added, find the Pipeline Card on the Resume Data Sheet (RDS) and add the candidate to the (job-in-question’s) Pipeline.

#2—Change the Status to “Placement.”

While on the Pipeline, either on the Candidate or on the Job, select the last “bubble” in the “Current Stage” section. This will initiate the Placement Form.

#3—Follow the prompts to fill out the Placement Form.

Below is a breakdown of the definitions of the Placement Form information fields:

  • Placement Status
    • Verbal: This is when the candidate accepts the offer and the start date is scheduled.
    • Completed: This is when the job order agency receives the check and is sending the appropriate amounts to TE headquarters and the candidate recruiter. CRUCIAL NOTE: When the client check is received by the job recruiter, according to Top Echelon Policy #11, they are required to send the brokerage fee (47%) to their TE partner immediately, as well as the 6% brokerage fee to Top Echelon. It is only fair that if you get paid, so does everybody else!
  • Starting Salary: This is what was agreed upon between client and candidate.
  • Fee: This should import from the Job, as it was advertised on Top Echelon Network. If there are any variations, contact your TE partner to discuss them.
  • Fee Amount: This is calculated by the percentage listed on the Starting Salary.
  • Placement Type: Direct, Contract, and Temp-to-Hire
  • Start Date: Obviously, this is when the candidate starts.
  • Completed Date: This is when the check was received. Edit the Placement Form when the check is received and mark this date.
  • Expected Pay Date: This is the date that your client has agreed to send their check for your fine and wonderful services. This is NOT the end of the guarantee date, but the actual expected pay date.
  • Placement Comments: Say something nice to thank your TE partner for helping you fill this role with your client.
  • SAVE! An email and system notification will then be sent to your TE partner and TE headquarters.

#4—I have the check in hand? Now what?

Follow these steps once you have the check in your hand:

  • Edit the placement form and change the Placement Status to “Completed.”
  • Mark the completed date, the date you received the check from the client.
  • Make two copies of the client check:
    • Send one copy, along with the 47% fee, to your TE partner
    • Second the second copy, along with the 6% brokerage fee in either a check form or through ACH, to TE headquarters.
    • * The copy of the client check is a demonstration of trust with your partners. It also helps in the checks and balances of expected pay dates, to when the checks are actually cut and sent from the client.
  • When TE headquarters receives the check, we will mark it as “Finalized” and the amount of your share of the placement fee will be added to your Recruiter Profile and Agency Profile in the Network.
  • Note that it is up to the two partners whether the job order recruiter sends a 1099 or the candidate recruiter sends their partner a W-9.

Communicating with your TE partner during the steps outlined above is critical. When communication is strong between TE partners, relationships are strong, and when relationships are strong . . . you make more placements with those partners!

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