See Drea COLD-ispoti’s Snow Angel Video, Part 2!


By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Top Echelon Network Membership Development Coordinator Drea Codispoti doing a snow angel outside in minus three (-3) degree weather.  (Or is it COLD-ispoti?)

If not, you can watch it here!

However, what you might not know is that there’s a second part, or sequel, to the video—namely, Codispoti getting off the frozen ground and describing the experience.

Most of us would run directly inside after pulling such a questionable stunt, but not Codispoti.  Instead, he has more to say about the upcoming 2014 Top Echelon Network National Convention.  So don’t turn a cold shoulder to him.  Lend him a warm ear instead.

Okay, the puns are done.  Roll tape.

As we’ve mentioned before, the National Convention will be held at the Renaissance SouthPark in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, April 10, through Saturday, April 12.

You can sign up for the convention in the Members’ Area at the low Early Bird Registration price of $495 per person.  (Early Bird Registration ends on Friday, February 28.)

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