Save the Date: Connect Fall 2024 in Canton!

Save the date!

Which date (or dates)? And why are you saving this date or dates?

I’m so glad you asked . . .

Top Echelon is thrilled to announce that Top Echelon Connect Fall 2024 will be held in Canton, Ohio, the headquarters of Top Echelon.

Mark your calendars for Monday, September 23, through Wednesday, September 25, for this highly anticipated event!

Event Details

For those of you who like (or prefer) bullet points, the important information regarding this upcoming event is listed below. Keep in mind, of course, that I will be announcing more information in the coming weeks and months.

So be sure to keep reading The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog every week. You are reading it every week . . . right?

  • Dates: September 23-25, 2024
  • Location: Canton, Ohio
  • Early Bird Registration: Opens next week

Why Canton, Ohio?

Holding the conference in Canton, Ohio, offers a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with the Top Echelon team in their home base. This setting promises a closer look at the heart of Top Echelon’s operations, providing a unique backdrop for networking and learning.

What to Expect

Top Echelon Connect Fall 2024 is designed to be an enriching experience, filled with opportunities for professional growth and networking. Below is a sneak peek at what you can look forward to when (not if) you attend this unprecedented event.

  • Meet New Recruiters: Connect with new recruiters in your niche, expanding your professional network.
  • Build Relationships: Establish and strengthen trading partner relationships.
  • Exchange Opportunities: Share hot job orders and candidates with fellow recruiters.
  • Learn and Grow: Gain insights and enhance your recruitment strategies.
  • Have Fun: Enjoy a festive atmosphere that combines learning with fun.

Benefits of Attending

Attending Top Echelon Connect Fall 2024 can significantly impact your recruiting business, and it can do so in the ways that I’ve outlined below.

  • Increased Placements: Network with peers and explore new opportunities for split placements.
  • Professional Development: Learn from experts and peers to stay ahead in the recruitment industry.
  • Strengthened Relationships: Forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones.

Early Bird Registration

Early Bird Registration will be available next week, offering attendees a chance to secure their spot at a discounted rate. Keep an eye on your email inbox and the Top Echelon Network Dashboard for the official announcement.

Join Us!

We encourage you to join us in Canton this September. This event is not just about learning and networking; it’s about being part of a community that supports and uplifts each other. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your recruitment skills and enjoy a memorable experience.

Save the dates, and get ready for an incredible event in the heart of Top Echelon’s operations. We look forward to seeing you in Canton this fall!

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