Results of the Most Recent TEN Membership Survey: 5/19/10

Because our Members’ Area survey expires at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on Sunday of each week, most of the Top Echelon Network Preferred Membership doesn’t have the opportunity to see the final results.  That’s why we’ve decided to run the results of these surveys in The Pinnacle blog.  Below are the results of last week’s Preferred Membership survey.


How much do you use your phone for text messaging purposes?

We presented five possible answers, all of which are listed below, along with the percentage of Top Echelon Network Preferred Members that chose each answer.

  • Sometimes, but not a lot–32.2%
  • About half the time–13.1%
  • I text more than I talk–7.1%
  • I don’t text message at all–45.2%
  • I don’t have a cell phone–2.4%

At Top Echelon recruiting network we publish a survey in the Members’ Area every week.  A new survey begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.  Then another survey will begin the following day (just like clockwork!).

If you have a survey question idea that you believe would be appropriate, please email it to  Keep in mind that Top Echelon officials reserve the right to reject any survey question idea for any reason. Just so you know.

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