Recent Split Placements Made Through Top Echelon Network

Recent Split PlacementsAt Top Echelon Network, our focus can be summed up in two words—split placements.  We want to help our Preferred Members make them and make more of them.  That’s why we like to publish recent split placements in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  (We also do it because Network recruiters have asked us to do it . . . and we always strive to give our Preferred Members what they want.)

Please note that since The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog is available to the wide, wide world (since it’s public on the World Wide Web), sensitive information like the amount of the fee involved with each splt placement has been omitted.  However, you can view that information in the Members’ Area by clicking here.  “Recent Completed Placements” is located halfway down the page, underneath the “Applying for Membership” section.  We’d like to congratulate the Preferred Members below for their split placements, and we hope they make many more in the future!

John Wharton of the Garret Group and Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group placed a Director of Distribution Optimization.

Landis McFinton of McFinton & Associates and Brenda Wylie-Biggs of KB Search Team, LLC placed a Manufacturing Engineer.

Richard Lechtenberg of Dick Berg & Associates and Jim Strickland of BioSource International placed a Biomedical Tech.

Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems and Joe Miglizzi, CPC of Perspective placed a Senior Tax Manager.

Be sure to check The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, as well as the Members’ Area, in the future for more recent split placements made through Top Echelon Network.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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