Props From the Recruiter Trading Partners . . .

Sure, the numbers speak for themselves, but what do the Trading Partners say?  We asked Alan Carty of and Rich Connors of Vista Technology to say a few words about Al Daum of Alan N. Daum & Associates, the focus of our “Top Echelon Success Story” in this week’s issue of The Pinnacle.   Below are their comments, in addition to the number of split placements they’ve made with Daum.

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Alan CartyAlan Carty

Number of split placements with Daum: Fourteen (14)

“My first encounter with Al Daum was in May of 2002.  I called Al to introduce myself to him.   Since we both worked in the same space, I thought there might be a good chance we’d make splits if he was open to working with a competitor.   Not only was he open to it, but from the very beginning, Al was always willing to openly share client names, etc., and we began a close relationship that resulted in [14] splits in less than five years.

“Al has also made [eight] splits with others in my office.   Al is a true recruiter.   He maintains long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.  Our biggest challenge is finding people who DON’T know Al.”

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Rich Connors

Vista Technology

Number of split placements with Daum: Three (3)

“If you have a need for an Automation Engineer, be sure to include Al Daum in your recruiting strategy.   I am not aware of anyone who knows this niche as well as he does.   His ability to qualify candidates makes him a true recruiting partner!”

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