Price Increase for Membership and Job Posting

Top Echelon has been in existence for over 28 years. During that time, we have not raised prices that often, and even when we have, they’ve been very small increases.

There are two reasons I bring this up:

  1. I am announcing a price increase for two of our products/services.
  2. These price increases are small in nature.

First, membership in Top Echelon Network is increasing from $125 per month to $130 per month, a $5 increase. The 6% brokerage fee for Network split placements will remain unchanged. As I mentioned above, our price increases are infrequent and relatively small. The last time that the monthly membership fee for the Network changed was over a decade ago, when the price increased from $119 to $125 per month.

Second, the cost of Top Echelon job posting is increasing from $17 for a single 30-day posting to $21 for a single 30-day posting. The cost of job posting has not increased since Top Echelon first offered this service in 2010.

In addition, the cost of the multi-job slot monthly subscriptions will increase accordingly. You can view the new pricing structure for the monthly subscription option  and the price per job below:

1 — single 30-day posting : $21.00 ($21.00/job)
3 — job monthly subscription: $44.10 ($14.70/job)
5 — job monthly subscription: $63.00 ($12.60/job)
10 — job monthly subscription: $105.00 ($10.50/job)
15 — job monthly subscription: $126.00 ($8.40/job)
20 — job monthly subscription: $157.50 ($7.88/job)
25 — job monthly subscription: $183.75 ($7.35/job)
30 — job monthly subscription: $204.75 ($6.83/job)
50 — job monthly subscription: $315.00 ($6.30/job)
100 — job monthly subscription: $576.88 ($5.77/job)
150 — job monthly subscription: $787.50 ($5.25/job)
200 — job monthly subscription: $945.00 ($4.73/job)
250 — job monthly subscription: $1,050 ($4.20/job)

With Top Echelon Job Posting, Jobs are posted to niche-specific, industry-specific, and geographic-specific job board sites around the Internet, giving recruiters the online exposure they need to make more placements. During the past few years, Top Echelon has continued to expand its efforts and the places where recruiters’ jobs can show up on the Internet. Most notably, we’ve recently added and LinkedIn, and we continue to enhance your traffic through Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and many other sites.

Please note that Big Biller recruiting software customers are eligible to receive three FREE job postings. If you have not yet taken advantage of these free postings, please contact us for more details.

Please note that these two price increases will take effect on October 1 for that month’s services.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, and we look forward to continue supporting you by offering solutions that help you make more placements.

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