Poll: Recruiter Participation in Top Echelon Network

You can run. You can hide. But you can never get away from The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network . . . not if you want to bill a lot through TE, you won’t.

We’ve covered Quality, we’ve covered Trust, and now we’re back with a third Pillar: Active Participation—more specifically, recruiter participation in the Network.

As it is customary for us to do, we composed a poll question in the Members’ Area, and that question went something like this:

How many days during the work week do you login to the Members’ Area?


The choice of answers that were provided is listed below, along with the percentage of Network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Every day — 84.4%
  • Four days — 5.2%
  • Three days — 1.3%
  • Two days — 3.9%
  • One day — 5.2%


“Every day” was the runaway winner with a whopping 84.4% of the vote! There was actually a tie for second place between “four days” and “one day.” Each earned 5.2% of the vote.

What’s interesting is that the percentage of recruiters who login to the Members’ Area four or more days during the work week stands at 89.6%, nearly nine out of every 10 Network members in the poll.

Next was “two days” at 3.9%, and in dead-last place was “three days” at 1.3%. That’s interesting because it seems as though there is no middle ground when it comes to recruiter participation as far as the Members’ Area: it’s either (practically) all or (practically) nothing.


Are these results a little skewed? Yes, they are, and here’s why: not every single Network recruiter participated in the survey.

  • Recruiters might not have been logged in during the span of time that the poll question was live.
  • Recruiters may have been logged in, but did not see the poll question.
  • Recruiters may have been logged, saw the poll question, and did not participate in the poll.

Heck, there could be recruiters who login to the Members’ Area every single day of the work week, but they never participate in the poll. On the other hand, there could be recruiters (and there almost certainly are) who do not login to the Members’ Area regularly enough, and that’s why they didn’t see this poll or participate in it.

So this is what we can say with certainty based up on the results of this poll:

Of the recruiters who login to the Members’ Area on a consistent basis, nearly 90% of them login every day of the work week.

How often do YOU login to the Network?

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