Policy #15A: Candidate Referrals and ‘Warning—This is a Dramatization’

Under exactly what circumstances should you honor a candidate referral as a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network?  Well, Network President Mark Demaree tells you in this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” and to help illustrate the policy, he presents a dramatization that depicts two “would-be recruiters” in a split placement situation.

(Whatever you do, pay close attention.  You might miss some of the hidden fun that we’ve included in this week’s episode.  And don’t forget to stick around for the outtakes at the end!)


What policies do you think we should tackle in the future?  Should we use our “dramatization actors”?  Wait . . . don’t answer that one.  Regardless, we want Preferred Members to be fully aware of the Top Echelon Network Policies, and that includes presenting them on “Top Echelon TV.”  Groovy?

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