Please Note: We ARE in the Office on Monday, December 31

Last week, we announced our holiday hours for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  However, you may have missed the fact that we WILL be in the office on Monday, December 31.  (We were NOT in the office on Monday, December 24.)

Network AnnouncementsBelow is our official announcement on the matter:

The Top Echelon offices will be closed on Tuesday, January 1, in observance of the New Year’s Day holiday.  The offices will re-open for business as usual at 8 a.m., EST on Wednesday, January 2.

Keep in mind that the Top Echelon offices encompass Top Echelon Network, Big Biller, and Hiring Hook.

However, we realize that you might not be in the office on Monday, December 31.  But if you are, you won’t be alone—we will be in the office, too.  (Not your office, in case you were wondering.  We’re not going to surprise you or anything.)

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the rest of this week AND the rest of this year, not to mention a festive and fun New Year’s Day holiday.  After it’s over, we’ll pick up where we left off, helping you to make split placements and grow your business.

(With an emphasis on more split placements and more growth.)

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