Poll: The MOST Placements Made in a Single Year

Many things are measured within the scope of a single year. This, of course, extends to the world of recruiting.

What’s the number that recruiters most often use by which to measure themselves? Placements, of course! The more placements a recruiter makes, the more successful they consider themselves to be.

Yes, overall billings are also an indication of success. However, you can’t have billings without placements. The more placements you make, the higher your billings. Sometimes, math is easy AND fun. (But only when you’re counting placements and adding up recruiter fees. Other than that, maybe not so much.)

Speaking of all of this, what is the highest number of placements that YOU have made in a single year? Actually, I don’t have to ask that because we already did, in the form of a Members’ Area poll:

What’s the MOST placements that you’ve made in a single year (splits included)?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of split network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Less than 15 — 16.8%
  • Between 15 and 20 — 29.0%
  • Between 21 and 25 — 16.8%
  • Between 26 and 30 — 12.1%
  • Between 31 and 35 — 1.9%
  • Between 36 and 40 — 4.7%
  • More than 40 — 18.7%

All-time highs in a single year

As you might imagine, the answers were all over the board. In fact, there were approximately the same number of recruiters at both ends of the spectrum. That’s because 16.8% chose “less than 15” as their answer, and 18.7% chose “more than 40.” To make more than 40 placements in a single year is truly an impressive accomplishment.

But what was the most popular answer? That was “between 15 and 20,” which earned 29% of the vote. “More than 40” was in second place, followed by “less than 15” and “between 21 and 25” at 16.8%.

The fewest amount of recruiters was found in between the extremes. A healthy percentage of poll participants (12.1%) selected “between 26 and 30” as their answer. After that, though, things fell off, particularly for the “between 31 and 35” crowd (1.9%).

It must be mentioned that split placements were part of the equation. You can tell that by the question we posed, which included the phrase “splits included.” How different would these answers be if splits were NOT part of the equation? Lower, to be sure, but that’s the point.

Membership in a recruiting network like Top Echelon can help you to reach new heights. You can make more placements and generate more billings. The money from a split placement spends exactly the same as the money from a non-split placement. (You don’t even have to tell people where the money came from, if you don’t want to.)

The big question is this one: how many MORE placements will you make next year because of splits?

For help answering that question, contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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