Party (and Network) with Us in Las Vegas This September!

Drea Codispoti, CPC

Okay, okay . . . so the headline for this article is just a tad bit misleading.  The truth be told, you’ll be doing a lot more networking with us in Las Vegas than you’ll be doing partying. (Of course, you can party with other Preferred Members as much as you’d like.  After all, that’s a form of networking, as well.)

Early Bird Registration for the Top Echelon Network Las Vegas Conference is now available, and I’m pleased to report that recruiters have already signed up for the event.  The cost to sign up during the Early Bird Registration period is just $99 per person.

Speaking of things that I’m pleased to report, I’m also pleased to announce that the Early Bird Registration period has been extended by two weeks.  Instead of ending on Monday, August 30, Early Bird will now end on Monday, September 3.  If you register before that date, you’ll be able to take advantage of the special Early Bird rate.  After that date, the cost to register will revert to the usual $129 price.

The location of the Las Vegas Conference is the Mirage Hotel, and the dates are Thursday, September 23, and Friday, September 24.  When it comes to reasons to sign up for the conference, there are numerous ones from which to choose:

  • Greg Doersching of The Griffin Group, the main speaker, will touch upon two subjects that are paramount in recruiters’ minds at the moment.  His sessions are titled “Social Media Recruiting—A Real World Guide” and “Five Little Tricks to Get and Keep Clients.”
  • Top Echelon Internet Strategies Manager Todd Bossler will present another “Big Biller Power User Session” on Thursday, September 23.  The cost to attend this session is $20 per person.  (Just click the appropriate box on the registration page in order to sign up for this session.)
  • When it comes to networking, the Icebreaker Reception on Thursday night is one of the most popular—not to mention most effective—events that we offer to conference attendees.
  • Yours truly will be presenting a training session for “Splitsville,” our new tool that combines elements of social networking with the fundamental aspects of recruiting and split placements to form an interface that’s friendly, practical, and highly productive.  And if it sounds like I copied that straight from the preliminary agenda for the conference, that’s because I did.
  • The conference might just be the only thing in Vegas that has a good “return on investment” . . . unless, of course, you’re a shark at the card table.  You never know.
  • It’s Las Vegas!
  • There are many other reasons to attend, but I don’t have time to write them all.  Deutsch has me on deadline.

As I mentioned last week, this is the first time that we’ve been to Las Vegas for a conference since 2004.  (Six years is a long time between trips.)  Vegas has always been a popular venue for Preferred Members of the Network, and we’ve had some memorable conferences in the city.  I’m sure that this year’s event will no different.  Of course, it will be less memorable for you if you don’t attend, so make plans to join us in Las Vegas!

Registration for the Las Vegas Conference is currently available in the Members’ Area.  You can view the preliminary agenda, see who’s already registered, and sign up with a credit card.

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