Are You More Optimistic about Recruiting in 2018?

We all know that the Stock Market has experienced some turmoil during the last couple of weeks. However, does that make you any more or less optimistic about the recruiting industry?

Well, that’s pretty much a moot question for the purposes of this blog post. That’s because we asked Top Echelon Network members how they felt about the industry before the Stock Market was in turmoil.

However, recruiters have told us that they believe the Stock Market has little to no effect on the recruiting industry. So if the Market goes down, they don’t really worry about it. If that’s truly the case, then what’s been happening hasn’t much affected the way recruiters think.

And how do they think? I’m glad you asked . . .

Are you more optimistic about the recruiting industry than you were a year ago today?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of split network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Yes, much more optimistic. — 26.4%
  • Yes, a little more optimistic. — 31.8%
  • Nah, my thoughts are the same. — 23.6%
  • No, a little more pessimistic. — 10.9%
  • No, a lot more pessimistic. — 7.3%

More optimistic than not

First the good news: recruiters are more optimistic than they were last year! The top answer in our poll was “Yes, a little more optimistic” with 31.8% of the vote. In second place was “Yes, much more optimistic” at 26.4%. Put those two answers together, and you have 58.2% of recruiters who are optimistic to some degree.

Then there’s the 23.6% of recruiters that chose “Nah, my thoughts are the same” as their answer. Unfortunately, we don’t know what their thoughts were last year. Specifically, we don’t know if they were optimistic or pessimistic last year. So we don’t exactly know if they’re more optimistic or pessimistic this year. (Hey, we never claimed this was perfect.)

But we have even MORE good news. That’s because 10.9% of recruiters indicated that they’re “a little more pessimistic,” while just 7.3% claimed to be “a lot more pessimistic.” Now let’s those percentages together.

The result: just 18.2% of recruiters are more pessimistic (in some fashion) than they were last year. That is a low level of pessimism and plenty of reason to think that 2018 will be just as good to recruiters as 2017.

As long as the Stock Market can behave. For the most part, anyway.

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