Now Follow Top Echelon NETWORK on LinkedIn

Yes, we did invite you to follow Top Echelon Software on LinkedIn in last week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

However, so that we can focus more on split placements in a deliberate fashion, we’ve created a LinkedIn page specifically for Top Echelon Network.

This page is separate from the Top Echelon Software page, and as such, will contain different information. The Top Echelon Network page will consist of all things split placements and recruiter networking. We will post and share any and everything that we believe will help you make more splits and generate more revenue for your agency.

Yes, we will share some of the information contained in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog on this page. However, there will also be a lot other information specific to splits on the Top Echelon Network LinkedIn page.

Please note: This is NOT a private page, nor a private group. While the majority of followers might be Top Echelon Network members, non-members will also be able to join. (There might be a four-step screening process to join the Network, but there is not one to follow this page.)

I know we’re asking a lot, requesting that you follow us on not one, but TWO LinkedIn pages. But we’d appreciate it if you did and we thank you in advance for doing so. Not that we’re automatically assuming that you’re going to, or anything like that . . . we’re not taking your loyalty for granted, if that’s what you think . . . never mind. Just click the link below to follow us:

Follow Top Echelon NETWORK on LinkedIn!

Great! Now that you’ve followed the Top Echelon Network AND Top Echelon Software pages on LinkedIn, you can never get away from us! We’re everywhere!


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