New Calendar and Email Integrations in Our Software

Top Echelon Training Specialist J.D. Fye recently conducted a special Training Tuesday webinar titled, Get in Sync with New Calendar and Email Integrations

You may have attended this free webinar on Tuesday, February 1. On the other hand, you may not have been in attendance.

Regardless, we have the recorded version of the webinar, which I am presenting to you now. (The recording is also located in the Top Echelon Help Center.)

If you are not a user of our recruiting software, then check out the video, anyway, to see how the software could benefit your recruiting desk and agency!

We at Top Echelon are continually working to make the resources that we provide to our customers better, and this is more proof!

Below is the official description of this training video:

— — —

We’ve been hard at work in the New Year trying to get some big updates out to our customers, and the first feature release of 2022 is here!

J.D. Fye

Join Top Echelon Customer Success Manager J.D. Fye for this Training Tuesday webinar video, as he takes a look at our new Microsoft integration for Outlook 365 users, as well as an update to our existing Google integrations. In this video, J.D. will cover:

  • Setup of a brand-new Microsoft integration for Outlook 365 users
  • Syncing your Planner with your Outlook calendar
  • How the new integration interacts with your Outlook email
  • An update to Google calendar event syncing
  • And much more!

The first month of the year is almost gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall behind. Watch this Training Tuesday webinar video and “Get in Sync with New Calendar and Email Integrations!”

Watch this Help Center training video!

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