Networking Tip #6: Developing Verbal Rapport

As you might have noticed, The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network have cropped up quite often in my series of blog posts regarding networking tips.

That’s going to be the case again this week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. The two Pillars in question? Communication and Active Participation. And they both relate to rapport.

When you think about it, these two might need to be reversed. A member first has to make the decision that they’re going to actively participate in our recruiter network.

Only then can they effectively communicate with one another for the purpose of sharing information and making split placements.

This week’s networking tip seems rather simple and straightforward—and it is. However, it does take some effort and a commitment on the part of every member to make it happen.

That being said, “Networking Tip #6” is as follows:

Search out those members in your “area of specialty” and develop rapport with them through verbal communication.

Our logic regarding rapport:

You’ve built your business by talking with your clients and your candidates. You’ve learned how to determine what your clients need and what your candidates have to offer.

You use resumes and computers to gather information, but for the most part, your success depends upon the verbal communication that you have with both parties. After all, your clients hire people, not resumes.

Verbal communication is your most powerful tool for getting the job done. Verbal communication not only means talking, but it also means listening. It’s a two-way process that builds trust and strengthens client and candidate relationships.

We’re suggesting that you use your most powerful tool, verbal communication, with Top Echelon Network members to identify who can help you and how they can potentially help you.

Immediate steps you can take:

1.) Call members who are working areas similar to your specialty area.

Tell them about the candidates and job orders you’re working and ask about the candidates and job orders they’re working. They may have six or 10 candidates or job orders you need right now! A short phone call can tell you everything you need to know.

2.) Watch the “Welcome New Members” section in the Network Dashboard to see who’s joined the Network and in which disciplines and industries they specialize. (This information is also published in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.)

After reading their areas of specialization, call and introduce yourself if there’s even the slightest potential for overlap. They won’t forget you!

3.) If you see a candidate whose resume is close, but not exact, pick up the phone and discover if there is more there than meets the eye.

A five-minute phone call might be worth $5,000 to $15,000 for you and that Network member.

4.) If you see another Top Echelon Network member working a similar job order, call them and tell them what you’re looking for.

After all, the two of you will be covering the same ground. Help each other!

5.) When you run a search in the Network Candidates sourcing tool and one or two members have candidates that are close, but not a fit for your search, call them to see if they have any more candidates. It’s worth a shot!

Trust with your trading partners

Your Network trading partners can become a tremendous asset for you, if you learn how to use that asset.

First, you must find out who and where they are and develop a trusting relationship with these individuals. Second, you must communicate with them regularly to see if they can help you and see if you can help them.

Get on the phone and make it happen!

Now that we’ve discussed why you should develop rapport through verbal communication, we’ll move on to Networking Tip #7 in the next blog post in our series.

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