Networking Tip #4: Submit More to Earn More

As I’ve mentioned in many blog posts over the course of the past several weeks, Active Participation is very important in our recruiting network. In fact, it’s one of the Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. (The other three are Quality, Communication, and Trust.)

Once again, the Pillar of Active Participation plays a central role in this week’s “Networking Tip” blog post. Specifically, it relates to how much information to submit to the Network.

As you might imagine, the more you participate, the better your odds for success. However, in this “Networking Tip,” that participation takes a very particular form.

But that’s enough heming and hawing. Let’s get down to business. Networking Tip #4 is below . . .

The more candidates and job orders you exchange with other recruiters, the greater your chances to earn additional split placement revenue.

Our logic about how much to submit:

No matter how you slice it, the recruiting business is still a “numbers game” to some degree. You’ll probably agree that the more clients and candidates you’re able to work with, the higher your probability of making a placement.

Along those same lines, the more information you share by networking with other recruiters, the higher your probability becomes of making split placement income!

However, as is the case with most other industries, sheer numbers alone will not make you successful. You need to have focus and direction in whatever you’re doing.

Therefore, we are not suggesting that you should send every candidate and job order you “stumble across” to the Network. But you should certainly send the good ones.

When evaluating whether or not you should network your candidate, keep something in mind. The candidate may be somewhat marginal to you, but very well could be someone else’s treasure.

A good test would be to ask yourself this question: “Would a client pay a fee to hire this candidate?” In the case of job orders, you should ask yourself this question: “Is this assignment fill-able, and would I like to be the recruiter to fill it?”

If your answer is “Yes,” then send it to the Network!

Below are some immediate steps that you can take to submit more to Top Echelon Network in order to earn more:

#1—Streamline your office.

You should do this so the steps required to send job orders and candidates’ resumes to the Network are minimal. The Top Echelon recruiting software is specifically designed for recruiting offices to quickly and easily submit their candidates and job orders to the Network.

Sharing your candidates and job orders is the fastest way to get them into the Network system. The faster you submit your information, the faster you’ll make split placements.

#2—Ask this question of candidates.

Get into the habit of asking all of your candidates if they’re open to other opportunities. See if they would like for you to share their resume with some of your trading partners.

Obviously, care must be exercised so candidates don’t get paranoid about how their information will be handled. Some candidates may refuse to be networked, but don’t be afraid to ask!

#3—Discipline yourself.

What does this mean? It means blocking out a certain period of time each day to prepare your information to be sent to the Network.

#4—Information flows both ways.

Your Network membership is like a bi-directional pipeline.

You continually receive fresh candidates and job orders through the pipeline, but you also need to submit your own fresh material. By failing to supply the pipeline, you limit your probability for success by at least 50%.

Now that we’ve discussed why the more you submit, the more you can earn, we’ll move on to Networking Tip #5.

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