Network Members Rave About the New Hiring Hook Technology!

Since Top Echelon’s new Hiring Hook website technology was recently introduced earlier this year, Top Echelon Network recruiters have enjoyed the added features and benefits that the technology provides.  As a result, these recruiters have provided us with feedback regarding their Hiring Hook websites, specifically about how much they enjoy them and how much of an advantage it gives to their recruiting firm.

Below are emails sent to the Top Echelon offices regarding the Hiring Hook webiste plug-in for recruiters.

— — —

Philip Bartfield“Todd has added the final touches to my website and my Hiring Hook is complete.  It’s clearly the best part of my website and hopefully the component that draws the most interest!  This is a very complete, feature rich product, personalized to my requirements as well as consistent URL vernacular.  I think this application blows the doors off competing products where you can sniff it’s a ‘portal’ a mile away.  I need to start spending some time on Google Analytics to see the proof is in the pudding.

“I plan on aggressively promoting this part of my business and have every confidence it will lead to better candidate management and communication, more placements, and more splits.”


Philip Bartfield
Bartfield Search, LLC

— — —

Joe Feldman“In the words of the famous IT geek Todd Bossler, the blog and Hiring Hook component is very cool . . . and it is.  I’ve been publishing a newsletter for the past several years, or should I say that I’ve attempted to consistently publish a newsletter for the past several years.  I heard through the grapevine that you could add a blog page to your website and begin posting out to your readers.  Well, I set it up and it’s great, and now instead of scambling to put together a newsletter with multiple articles, I can shoot out a thought or newsworthy article weekly.  Great marketing tool!

“Not only is the blog a great new addition, but the new Hiring Hook page is fantabulous . . . it ads a new dimension to your website.  The look is very ‘clean.'”

Keep up the great work!”

Joe Feldman
The Spring Group, Ltd.

— — —

If you’d like more information about the Hiring Hook website plug-in for recruiters, give us a call at (330) 455-1433.

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