Napoles, Reynolds Take a “Split Placement Selfie”

PICTURE PERFECT: Top Echelon Network member and top producer Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc. holds a tablet device that holds the image of fellow Network Member Catherine Reynolds of OnBoard Recruitment Advisers.  Napoles and Reynolds placed a Project Manager recently and decided to take a “split placement selfie” to celebrate the occasion.

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We at Top Echelon Network are continually emphasizing that members should engage in face-to-face networking efforts.  But if you can’t do that, why not take a “split placement selfie” once you close a deal together?

As you can see by the photo at right, our latest “selfie” involves Top Echelon recruiters Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc. and Catherine Reynolds of OnBoard Recruitment Advisers.

They recently placed a Project Manager and thought it would be the perfect time to join the growing number of TE members who mark such an occasion with a “split placement selfie.”

Napoles is a veteran of Top Echelon, having made 218 Network placements since joining TE in October of 2000.  Reynolds has made 14 placements in her short time in Top Echelon, making at least once split every year since she joined in 2012.

The two recruiters took advantage of the convenience afforded by technology, since Napoles is located in Plano, Texas and Reynolds is in Columbus, Ohio.  However, distance is no object when it comes to a “split placement selfie.”

All you need is a mobile device, a great trading partner, and a split placement!

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If you’ve taken a “split placement selfie” with another Top Echelon recruiter and you’d like to share that “selfie” with the rest of the membership, send your photo and any accompanying information to!

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