More Recruiters Applying . . . and More Recruiters Joining!

The beat continues.  In what might be a reflection of the fact that the economy is continuing to recover and improve, there are even more recruiters applying for Preferred Membership in Top Echelon Network.  And although it’s one week later, we still want to save you time . . . so we’re combining “Applying for Membership” and “New Preferred Members” once again.  No, no need to thank us.  Just keep making split placements.  That’s all the thanks we need.

Below are the names of recruiters who have applied for Preferred Membership.  If you have comments regarding any of these names, please contact Membership Development Coordinator Drea Codispoti at (330) 455-1433, Ext. 156 or via email at


Recruiter: Michael Petras
Firm Name: Michael Petras Recruiting
Location: Mishawaka, Indiana
Specialties: Engineering, Purchasing, Lean Manufacturing, Sales, Plant Management, Directors, and Executives.  I serve the following industries—Automotive, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, Construction Equipment and Machinery, Electromechanical Products, Electronics, Factory Automation Equipment, Hand Tools, Heavy Truck, HVAC, Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Medical Device, Metal Forming and Fabrication, Plastics, and Recreational Vehicles.

Recruiter: Fred Khachi
Firm Name: JK Consultants
Applying for MembershipLocation: Sonora, California
Specialties: Accounting, Banking, and Finance; Agriculture; Broadcasting, Radio, and Television; Business Services; Construction and Architecture; Consumer Goods and Products; Engineering, Manufacturing, and Production; Entertainment; Food and Beverage; Human Resources; Management (all management); Purchasing; Inventory Control; Materials Management; Quality; Testing; Diagnostics; Restaurant and Hospitality; Retail and Wholesale; Transportation and Distribution; and Sales, Marketing, and Advertising

Recruiter: Jennifer Fahlsing
Firm Name: Aldis Associates
Location: Huntington, Indiana
Specialties: /IS within the Healthcare industry and Software Engineering—embedded

Top Echelon Network would like to welcome the following recruiters and their firms as New Preferred Members.  We encourage the rest of the Membership to reach out to these folks and introduce yourself to our newest Members.

Click on the recruiters’ names to visit their Recruiter Profile within Top Echelon Network.  (Note: You may be prompted to login to the system before being able to view their Profile.)



Recruiter: Dixie Agostino
Firm Name: Switchgear Search & Recruiting
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Specialties: Engineering and technical positions within the Energy, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Manufacturing industries

New Preferred MembersRecruiter: Kristine Mercurio
Firm Name: Smith, Harney, and Daly, LLC
Location: Tampa, Florida
Specialties: N/A

We’d like to welcome Dixie and Kristine to Top Echelon Network and congratulate them on becoming new Preferred Members!  Send them an email or give them a call to welcome them to the Network . . . because everybody likes to feel welcomed.

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