MJ Recruiters: MEGA Sharing Candidates in TE!

THE SHIRT ON THEIR BACKS: When the recruiters of MJ Recruiters, LLC aren’t sharing candidates and making placements in Top Echelon Network (with the MEGA Database and other tools), they’re mad geniuses of marketing. Above, Joanna Spaun models the latest in TE placement gear.

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Top Echelon’s MEGA Database tool for sharing candidates is much like membership in Top Echelon Network. It takes an investment of time and energy on the front end. However, once that investment is made, it takes a smaller amount of time each day to make the MEGA work for you.

And we have the perfect case study to illustrate this.

MJ Recruiters, LLC has made split placements just about every way possible in the Network. In fact, until recently, the only way the firm had not made a split was through the MEGA. Until recently, that is.

That’s because Joanna Spaun of MJ Recruiters made her first split placement with the MEGA!

Joanna and her business partner, Maria Hemminger, have known about the MEGA for quite some time. They hadn’t fully utilized the power of the searching and sourcing tool, though, until earlier this year.

Making the MEGA a priority

“The MEGA is a different animal,” said Joanna. “We were busy with our openings, so it was tough for us to devote time to it. But Drea [Codispoti] kept talking to us about using it, so we eventually decided that we would make it a priority.”

Rose Langhals of Bridgeway Professionals, Inc.

Rose Langhals

Drea conducted a Top Echelon Network Training Tuesday webinar session about the MEGA on January 19. Not only did Joanna attend that training to learn more about the MEGA, but she also sent a candidate through it to Rose Langhals of Bridgeway Professionals, Inc.

The first interesting part: she sent the candidate six minutes prior to the start of Drea’s training, at 12:54 p.m., Eastern Time.

The second interesting part: that candidate was eventually placed at Rose’s client.

Before that happened, Joanna attended the Training Tuesday webinar and picked up additional tips for using the MEGA. “The training was very good,” said Joanna. “It re-focused our efforts and helped me to figure out exactly what to do when sharing candidates with other recruiters.”

A crucial step in the process was the communication between Joanna and Rose at the outset of using the MEGA for the purpose of sharing candidates. This communication served to set the expectations, and that helped the two of them tremendously.

“Rose and I came to an understanding about how things would work,” said Joanna. “Both of us understood that when the other person sent a candidate through the MEGA, they weren’t going to pre-screen them. We both agreed to that, and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

Sharing candidates without pre-screening

Joanna recommends that recruiters send candidates without pre-screening them. She also recommends letting the other Network member know that the candidate has not been pre-screened.

“When we get a request from another recruiter, we don’t worry about pre-screening,” Joanna said. “We do offer that, but nobody has asked us to pre-screen yet. We tell them in the comments section that we haven’t talked with this particular candidate, even though we have worked with them. You still have to communicate.”

Joanna has now created a system for working in the MEGA that takes only about five or 10 minutes. (This is exclusive of the time spent on the searches themselves). In fact, she’s made it a point to check out the MEGA results daily over lunch.

“I see what the recruiter is looking for, I review the candidates, look at their work history, see where we got them,” she said. “No pre-screening, and away they go.”

According to Joanna, she does work both the candidate side and the job order side of the MEGA. However, most of her activity occurs on the candidate side, as she responds to other recruiters requests for help filling a particular position.

“We are $plitting in the MEGA Database”

And since MJ Recruiters never does anything halfway, Joanna and Maria printed special T-shirts to commemorate their first split placement in the MEGA Database. On the front of the shirt, it says, “We are $plitting in the MEGA Database . . .” On the back of the shirt, it says, “Why aren’t you?!” Both the Top Echelon and MJ Recruiters logos are also on the back.

“If we promote it, we believe that will help other recruiters use it,” said Joanna. “We were concerned that we didn’t have enough time to use it, but we are using it. It worked for us, and we believe it can work for other recruiters, too.”

The MEGA Database allows Top Echelon Network recruiters who use the Big Biller software to share information more quickly and easily. If you’re a Network recruiter and you don’t use Big Biller, you can still use the MEGA.  The only caveat is that while you can perform searches in the MEGA, your information will not be included in MEGA searches conducted by other Network recruiters.

By opting-in to the MEGA Database, you’ll have the opportunity to have every default resume in your Big Biller database searched by other Network recruiters in a blinded fashion. The recruiter conducting the keyword search will NOT be able to view your resumes. They will only be able to view your name and the number of your resumes that match their keyword search criteria.  Once that recruiter knows how many resumes you have that match their search criteria, they can request your help.

Click here for more information about how to opt-in to the MEGA Database and start sharing candidates with other recruiters in Top Echelon Network!

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