Network Candidates: Over 8 Million Resumes Strong!

A number of years ago, Top Echelon created a candidate database for recruiters in the Network who also use Top Echelon’s applicant tracking system.

The name of that tool was the MEGA Database.

We have since changed the name of that database to the Network Candidates sourcing tool, and we’re pleased to announce that it hosts over eight million resumes and is continuing to grow!

Simply put, this sourcing tool allows Top Echelon Network members who use our recruiting software to share information more quickly and easily. However, if you’re a Network member and you don’t use our ATS, you can still use the Network Candidates sourcing tool.

Don’t worry, we don’t want to leave you out. But there is one caveat.

While you can perform searches in Network Candidates, your information will not be included in searches conducted by other Network recruiters. The reason, of course, is because your data is being housed in an applicant tracking software other than ours.

Let’s summarize as follows:

  • If you have our recruiting software, then you can conduct searches in the Network Candidates sourcing tool and your information will be included in searches conducted by other members.
  • If you do NOT use our recruiting software, then you can still conduct searches in Network Candidates, but your information will NOT be included in searches conducted by other members.

Below are two other important facts regarding the Network Candidates sourcing tool:

  1. Resumes are blinded! That means nobody can see your candidates and/or take them and run.
  2. There is NO additional charge to use Network Candidates. It is included with your split network membership.

Network Candidates is a powerful sourcing tool. Top Echelon Network members have made split placements with this tool, and so can you!

And don’t forget that the Top Echelon Help Center is chock-full of helpful articles and videos about the Network Candidates sourcing tool. Check them out for more information and further training.

Let’s make more splits!

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