“Mastering Email Within Big Biller” = Billing More

As a recruiter, there are a LOT of things you can do to make more placements and bill more. One of those things is marketing. In this “golden age of technology,” email definitely fits into that category.

Those recruiters who make emailing a priority are generally more successful than those who do not. Hold on, allow me to clarify that statement. Those who recruiters who make emailing correctly a priority are generally more successful.

This is a subject that we’re going to tackle in our next Big Biller Training Tuesday webinar session. (If you don’t yet use Big Biller, then click here for your FREE 30-day trial.)

Never fail with email!

While you enjoy your trial, below is all of the critical information associated with this upcoming webinar:

Webinar Title: “Mastering Email Within Big Biller”

Live Webinar Date: December 6, 2016

Webinar description:

Email is part of any recruiter’s life. That’s why those recruiters who can master it and leverage its tremendous potential and power are able to bill more.

This fact is not lost on us. That’s why email is the central focus of our next Big Biller Training Tuesday webinar session!

During this webinar, Training & Education Specialist Krista Ridgeway will discuss the following topics:

  • The template generator
  • The signature generator
  • Sending mass emails
  • Emailing best practices through Big Biller
  • The unsubscribe option

Don’t be at the mercy of email. Take control of your inbox and your life. Join Krista on December 6 for “Mastering Email Within Big Biller”!

Webinar Length: Approximately 20-25 minutes

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If you have any questions about this Training Tuesday webinar or the Big Biller recruiting software, send an email to support@topechelon.com. Remember, Top Echelon provides free training on the first, third, and fourth Tuesdays of every month.

Plus, we have Recruiter Coaching Series webinars on the second Tuesday of each month. And of course, if you missed one of these webinars, we recorded them for you.

Here are the recorded versions!

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