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Mark DemareeFor quite a few years now, we’ve hosted, a website devoted to providing exposure for Preferred Members of the Network.  We’re in the final stages of giving the site a face-lift and making it even more of a marketing arm for Top Echelon recruiters.

Like many of our programs in Top Echelon, will be based upon performance.  In other words, the more placements you make within the Network, the more the website will help market you to both companies and candidates via the Internet.  Therefore, one of the major changes to the Recommended Recruiter site is that it will highlight recruiters who have made placements through Top Echelon Network.

New criteria for the site
Below are some of the criteria that will soon be involved with the Recommended Recruiter website:

1. It’s only for Preferred Members of Top Echelon Network.

2. Only Preferred Member recruiters who have made a placement in the Network during the past 18 months will be included on the site.  The system is based upon the accomplishments of individual recruiters and not firms.

3. The order of search results is based first upon the relevancy of the search criteria and then on the cash-in totals of Preferred Members within the Network.

4. Only Preferred Member recruiters who have a picture of themselves will be included on the site.  Pictures help to create a more personal and friendly appeal.  That’s why having one (or another image or graphic representation of yourself) is a requirement to be listed on the site.

For example, suppose somebody visited the site and searched on the phrase “electrical engineering.”  That search would generate a list of Network recruiters who have that phrase in their Recruiter Profile (and of course, have made a placement within the past 18 months).  However, the order in which the recruiters are listed would be determined by their cash-in total during that 18-month period.  Obviously, the recruiters with the highest cash-in total would appear at the top of the search results.

The same criteria would be applied to a search based upon location.  Suppose somebody searched on the location “Chicago.”  That search would generate a list of Network recruiters in that city.  Once again, the order in which they’re listed would be determined by their cash-in totals.

Driving traffic to the site
I’d also like to mention that we at Top Echelon will be doing everything we can to drive traffic to the Recommended Recruiter website.  In fact, we’ve been doing that for a while, and we plan to implement additional strategies in the future.  One of the strategies that we’ve already put in place is adding banner advertisements for to many of the Career Marketplace career sites.  Our goal is to drive as much traffic to the website and generate as much business as we can for the Preferred Members of Top Echelon Network who are listed on the site.

If you have any questions about this article or the Recommended Recruiter website, please contact me at (330) 455-1433, Ext. 172 or via email at

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