How to Make $5,000 by Attending the National Convention

(Editor’s Note: This is a re-print of a post that was initially published in the soon-to-be-defunct-and-assimilated Top Echelon Conventions Blog.)

Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc. is currently a Top Producer in Top Echelon Network.  He’s been in the Top 10 in the Network almost from the day he joined Top Echelon, and he’s been the Recruiter of the Year on numerous occasions.

With as much as Napoles bills through Top Echelon, you’d think he wouldn’t bother with attending Network events like the upcoming Top Echelon Network National Convention.  But if you think that, you’d be wrong!

That’s because Napoles is a firm believer in the benefits that these events provide.  In fact, he strongly recommends that his fellow Preferred Members attend events like the upcoming National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A couple of years ago, Napoles, a regular attendee at Network conferences and conventions, outlined the return on investment (ROI) that he typically receives from these events, and he also listed his top three reasons for attending.

Below is what he said:

— — —

Sean Napoles, CPCI will be going to the Top Echelon Network National Convention, and I hope to meet many new Top Echelon Members (and, of course, say “Hi!” to some old ones).

Below is what this convention will cost me . . .
Top Echelon convention cost = $495
Airfare = $400
Hotel for three (3) nights = $450 (using $150 a night since the rates are $119/night + taxes + fees)
Taxicab to and from airport = $60

Total = $1,405 . . . PLUS

Meals = $240 ($80 a day . . . I doubt it will be this high)
Bar tab = $210 ($70 a day . . . I KNOW it will be this high)

Grand total = $1,855

Here are the three reasons why I’m attending the National Convention:

  1. I know I will turn my $1,855 investment into a $5,000+ profit!  I have attended many Top Echelon conferences and conventions.  At every one, I have met new Members and received new job orders to work on.  It’s the old “but for” rule.  “But for” me not spending $1,855 to get my butt to the convention, I would have never met these Members and received their job orders.  Let’s say my average split fee in Top Echelon is $14,000 (it’s probably higher).  By spending $1,855, I will net about $5,000 (when I make a $14K split).
  2. Solidify relationships: so important.  Just like you make the most money with the clients you talk to the most, the same goes for your Trading Partners in Top Echelon Network.  I can NOT wait to see and buy rounds at the bar for all of my Top Echelon Network Trading Partners who have allowed me to work on their job orders.
  3. Tax write-off.  You and your significant other probably have a vacation planned for this year . . . so why not write it off?

— — —

Early Bird Registration for the 2014 National Convention ends on Friday, February 28!  Sign up now and take advantage of the Early Bird price of $495 per person.

The dates of the National Convention are Thursday, April 10, through Saturday, April 12, and the location is the Renaissance SouthPark Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So make the investment . . . and reap the returns!

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