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A few weeks ago in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we invited you to follow Top Echelon Software on LinkedIn.

And sure, LinkedIn has been around for nearly two decades, but are you using LinkedIn to your full advantage? LinkedIn can be about more than just sourcing candidates. (Although I must admit, that is pretty important.)

With Top Echelon’s LinkedIn Group, Recruiting Tips and Training, recruiters can connect and share advice with other recruiters. Think of it as a space where you can share your recruiting experience and simultaneously learn from others. Not bad, eh?

We invite you to join this group and share blog posts you’ve written or ones that you’ve found on the Internet (about recruiting, of course). Also, be sure to read what others have contributed.

Currently, our Recruiting Tips and Training Group on LinkedIn has over 1,000 members, with more people joining all the time!

You like recruiting tips? You like us?

Now that we’ve hit 1,000 members in this group, help us to reach 2,000! Join our LinkedIn Group and share recruiting tips, advice, and information that could help you (and others) make more placements.

Click HERE to join Recruiting Tips and Training!

(Editor’s note: Don’t forget that Top Echelon provides FREE recruiter training webinars on the second Tuesday of every month. To join the mailing list for these webinars, send an email to

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