Job Javelin Service Set to Begin on June 1

A little over six months ago, we announced in The Pinnacle newsletter that the current contingency model for job order posting would soon be replaced by another model (“The Future of Job Order Posting,” issue of October 14, 2009).  That model, a pay up-front model called “Job Javelin,” is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 1.

Under the current contingency model, we post your jobs to many popular job boards and posting sites around the Internet for no money up front, and we only receive compensation when you make a placement from our efforts.  The job boards and sites that we post your jobs to have also operated under this contingency model, meaning that they, too, only made money when you reported a placement.

As I stated in my October 14 article, these job boards are no longer interested in working with us if we continue to use the contingency model, and without these boards, the model is simply not viable.  However, we decided that we needed to create another model, one that would still help recruiters make placements.  The result is Job Javelin, which is a “pay as you play” model.

A Q&A primer about Job Javelin
Job Javelin is a product of Career Marketplace, Inc. (CMI).  Top Echelon uses Job Javelin as a single-source aggregator for the posting of Network jobs to the Internet.  Although we announced this change back in October, it has been a few months since then, and we realize that you might have some questions.  As a result, I’m going to do my best to address those questions in this article.

When is this going to happen?

The Job Javelin job posting system will officially begin on Tuesday, June 1. That means that the last day you can post a job using the current contingency model for job order posting is Monday, May 31.  (Although that’s Memorial Day, you can still post a job on the holiday.)  This also means that you can begin to use the Job Javelin tool on June 1, if you so choose.  Remember, it’s not mandatory for you to use Job Javelin.  This is an optional service, just like job posting is now.

How will Job Javelin work?

When Job Javelin is released on June 1, there will be a checkbox at the bottom of the job order add form, very similar to how you currently post jobs to the Intenet.  Beside that checkbox will be the words, “Advertise this Job Order on the Internet through Job Javelin.” By clicking that checkbox and saving the job order, you’re indicating that you want to use Job Javelin for that particular job.

You’ll be billed for the Job Javelin service in the same fashion as you are now for your Top Echelon services.  In other words, the appropriate charge will appear on your next invoice.

How much does it cost to use Job Javelin?

Job Javelin is very affordably priced.  The price varies, depending on how many job slots you’re purchasing.  The more you purchase, the lower the overall cost per slot becomes.  For example, the price for one job slot is $17.00 for a 30-day posting.  For three, the price is $35.70 ($11.90 per slot), and the price for five is $51.00 ($10.20 per slot).  The complete price breakdown is located on page 4, along with a more detailed explanation of how the pricing structure works.

Where are my jobs going to go on the Internet via Job Javelin?

Job Javelin currently posts jobs to approximately 250 job boards.  Some are niche-specific, some are industry-specific, and some are geographic-specific.  Job Javelin has forged a relatioship with some of the larger boards like Simply Hired,Indeed, and JuJu, but it’s done the same with specialty niche sites like and regional sites such as  To see a list of the sites, click here.

What’s going to happen to my jobs that I submitted under the current job posting model?

Your jobs will continue to be posted under the current job order posting system until Wednesday, June 30.  At that time, the current system will cease to exist, and the jobs that were posted to the Internet under the contingency model will no longer be posted to the Internet.  If you do make a placement on a job that you posted under the current contingency model, you’ll be subject to the brokerage fee associated with that model.

Is there a brokerage fee associated with the Job Javelin model?

No.  With Job Javelin, you pay once for the job posting—up front—and that’s it.

In addition to no brokerage fee, there’s another positive associated with the Job Javelin job posting model: your jobs will appear with your firm name, further serving to brand your firm in a positive fashion on the Internet.  And if for some reason, you don’t want your firm’s name branded, there will be a blinded option in the software.  Right now, your jobs are “branded” through our contingency model as Top Echelon Network jobs.

Keep in mind that we will be publishing future articles regarding Job Javelin, especially as its release grows near.  Please monitor the News Area and the Pinnacle blog in the Members’ Area for updates.  If you have any questions about Job Javelin, please give me a call at (330) 455-1433, Ext. 172 or send an email to

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