Save the Date: Indiana Recruiters Meeting February 15

Not only is it a new year with new Top Echelon Network recruiting firms, but it’s also a new year for networking in TE! Specifically, it’s a new year for our Regional Core Group meetings.

I mention this because I have a “save the date” announcement for one of our groups. That group is the Midwest Mid-Winter Regional Core Group, which will be meeting on Wednesday, February 15.

Below is the location of the meeting, including the address:

Potawatomi Inn
Wig Wam Room
6 Lane 100A Lake James
Angola, IN  46703

Yes, the title of the blog post says, “Indiana Recruiters Meeting,” but that’s because the event is being held in Indiana. However, any Network recruiter from a neighboring state can also attend.

More details regarding the time and cost of the event will be available next week, either in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, the news section of the Members’ Area, or both. However, there are some things that I can tell you about the event.

Attendees will engage in both unstructured opportunities and structured activities that revolve around networking. Our goal is to get you connected with other recruiters within the same industry and/or niche so that you can exchange hot job orders and candidates and make split placements.

That’s the goal, plain and simple. That’s always been our goal with this network, and it always will be. We want to help you make placements and generate more revenue for your firm, and events like this one absolutely accomplish that goal.

If you’d like to attend this Indiana recruiters meeting in Top Echelon, please contact me at 330.455.1433, x156 or via email at OR if you’d like to help start a new regional core group, we can do that, too.

More placements are the goal. Let’s make 2017 a great year!

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