In the ‘Top Echelon Recruiter Spotlight’: Jean Imbler-Jansen

Welcome to the next installment of the “Top Echelon Recruiter Spotlight”!

A recruiter making their first split placement in Top Echelon Network is certainly cause for celebration, and that includes with comments such as the ones made below by Ken Nunley of Principal 7 Solutions USA about Jean Imbler-Jansen of Strategic HR Solutions.  Nunley was so impressed with Imbler-Jansen that he suggested she be cloned for future split placements.

While we approve of the thought process behind this suggestion, the cloning of Preferred Member recruiters is not currently in our business plan for 2015.  Or 2016.  Or 2017.  But in 2018 . . . no, forget it.

However, we strongly encourage recruiters to make split placements with the original Jean Imbler-Jansen . . . and with Ken Nunley, for that matter.

For while this was Imbler’s first split placement as a Preferred Member recruiter in the Network, Nunley has made 34 placements since joining Top Echelon a little over 10 years ago.  If anybody knows what it takes to make splits in the Network, he does.

Split placements? Yes. Cloning? No. (Regardless of how feel-good the ending is to the movie Multiplicity.)

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Ken Nunley of 7 Solutions USA

Ken Nunley

Jean Imbler-Jansen of Strategic HR Solutions

Jean Imbler-Jansen

“Jean just came on board TE after my harassment for her to join.  She immediately responded to my job and sent me a candidate.  Jean started the relationship with professional courtesy, teamwork, and a willingness to listen and grow as the search evolved.  You can not ask for more from a TE partner who hits a home run in her first at-bat in TE.  Good job, Jean!  Can we CLONE you?!”

Submitted by Ken Nunley of Principal 7 Solutions USA regarding his Network split placement with Jean Imbler-Jansen of Strategic HR Solutions


Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: Nunley and Imbler-Jansen have made one split placement together in Top Echelon Network.)

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(Matt Deutsch is the Chief Marketing and Content Officer for Top Echelon.)

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